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You're reading: From Vivaldi to concert in Instagram

tatiana_kalinichenkoUkrainian independent orchestra New Era Orchestra celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2017. On May 22 the concert “Voyage” will be held in the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. This is a kind of musical trip from Florence through Tel Aviv and Beersheba to Kyiv. All these cities tell us about their history, open new reality and present a new impression to everybody who ventures upon this journey. Spearheaded by the art director and conductor of New Era Orchestra – Tetyana Kalinichenko – in this concert the audience will meet one of the best Israeli musicians: mandolin player Avi Avital.
Tetyana Kalinichenko, art director and conductor of New Era Orchestra
: “It was impossible even to imagine on 19 May 2007 what I was going to achieve after taking an offer to create an orchestra. Only the musicians of New Era Orchestra can see the amount of energy applied to providing some visual lightness of flight to each performance of New Era Orchestra with participation of the best soloists, including classical music superstar Joshua Bell and with the most complex programs of a 400-year history of instrumental music.”


Behind each concert there is an unreal amount of negotiations with the best musical agencies and publishers, months of listening to the most well-known things in the music world, and an endless search for partners to realize the most courageous big ideas and the ability to see possibility in every failure. But the point is that miracles can happen when a person puts all their eggs in one basket, for a dream which can’t be seen by anybody except this person. Our concert program “Voyage” contains a marvel of international dialogue, not only of the musicians of New Era Orchestra led by Israeli soloist Avi Avital, but also of our cultures, our mode of thought and mastery.

The cooperation of this Israeli mandolin player with the independent Ukrainian orchestra New Era Orchestra (NEO) started in 2015. It was the first experience for Avi Avital performing with Ukrainian musicians. InstaConcerto is going to be played for the first time in Ukraine by mandolin and orchestra: a concert for Instagram by modern Slovakian composer Peter Breiner. This is a present-day musical media experiment which will be performed for only 1 minute 15 seconds. Avi Avital and Peter Breiner accepted the challenge on Instagram in 2016 and created a concert in a clear time frame: five parts of fifteen seconds each which are able to be posted on Instagram. At the same time the concert keeps its traditional musical shape – from introduction to conclusion – and it has all means of expression which are used by composers from the time when instrumental concerts first appeared.

avi-avital-afisha-4-enConcert New Era Orchestra “Voyage”
Supported by Israeli embassy in Ukraine
Art director and conductor Tetiana Kalinichenko
Soloists – Avi Avital (mandolin, Israel), Kirill Sharapov (violin, Ukraine), Andrii Pavlov (violin, Ukraine)

Pyotr Tchaikovsky Souvenir de Florence
Avner Dorman (Israel) Mandolin Concerto with orchestra.
Antonio Vivaldi (Italy) Mandolin Concerto with orchestra RV 93.
Antonio Vivaldi (Italy) Two violins concerto with orchestra RV 578a.
Antonio Vivaldi (Italy) Violin concerto with orchestra RV 507.
Peter Breiner (Slovakia) InstaConcerto: concert for Instagram – First Night in Ukraine

Information about orchestra:

New Era Orchestra (NEO, Ukraine) is one of the most creative and stylish orchestras on the Ukranian musical stage. This year it celebrates its tenth anniversary. The co-founder, art director and conductor is Tetyana Kalinichenko.

NEO’s mission is to add Ukraine to the European musical context and international musical space. Each project by NEO brings the dream closer: entering the “Top League of music” where NEO will be able to compete with leading world groups.
New Era Orchestra is continually developing, and currently performs central and significant opuses for classical and modern music in Ukraine and abroad on one stage with leading world soloists.

Information about Ukrainian soloists in “Voyage”:

Kirill Sharapov (violin, Ukraine) has been working with New Era Orchestra since 2012. A top-class Ukrainian musician Kirill Sharapov is confirmed by constant experiments, and by the widening of boundaries of interpretation of classical and modern music. In 2011 Kirill Sharapov founded virtuoso orchestra “Kiev-Tango-Project”, well-known by Ukrainian audience for its jazz and classical projects and cooperation with many stars, such as Nino Katamadze and “Okean Elzy”.

Spearheaded by Tetyana Kalinichenko for the first time in Ukraine, Kirill Sharapov and NEO performed significant opuses of modern composers, particularly Arturs Maskats “Concerto Grosso” (Latvia), Philip Glass “The Four American Seasons” (USA), Alexander Raskatov “5 minutes from the life of W.A.M” (Germany), Vidmantas Bartulis “Voyage by train” (Lithuania), and John Tavener “Dhyana” (Great Britain).

Andrii Pavlov (violin, Ukraine) has been working with New Era Orchestra since 2010. Andrii Pavlov is the leading soloist of a new Ukrainian musician generation.
His distinguished proficiency at work allows him to be one of the most desirable soloists and musicians in Ukrainian and foreign groups. With the participation of Andriy Pavlov has been the first nights of music written by Morton Feldman, Johannes Schellhorn, Klaus Lang, Clemens Gadenstatter, and Franghiz Ali-Zadeh.

The cooperation of Andriy Pavlov and Tetyana Kalinichenko is a kind of catalytic material for the development of NEO and the promotion of the orchestra to the “Top Music League”.

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