Scope of Work for consultants

To develop and conduct issue-based National StudyTours

Global Communities, formerly CHF International, is seeking qualified short-term consultants to assist the  USAID-funded Decentralization Offering Better Results and Efficiency Program (DOBRE) to design and  implement a a National Study Tours and Training Program for amalgamated communities in Ukraine. DOBRE is seeking short-term consultants to create tours addressing one or more of the following areas:

Local Economic Development:

  • Diversification of the rural economy;
  • Tourism – traditional, “green”, agri-tourism;
  • Branding and Marketing of the community;
  • Social Entrepreneurism;
  • Agricultural Cooperatives;
  • Farmers Markets;
  • Spatial planning and zoning.

Improving Delivery of Public Services:

  • Inter-municipal cooperation;
  • Public-private partnerships; culture/sports/;
  • Education management;
  • Health management;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Water supply and sewer;
  • Solid waste management;
  • Municipal transport and transport infrastructure;
  • Lighting;
  • Youth Programs;
  • Culture;
  • The centers of administrative services delivery different models;
  • Civic engagement practice and mechanisms;
  • Landscaping & Green spaces.


Global Communities is leading the consortium implementing USAID DOBRE Program. The Program aims to strengthen local governance to deepen democracy, improve conditions for development of communities and promote stability in 75 communities across seven (7) oblasts in Ukraine: Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Kharkov, Kirovograd and Kherson.

DOBRE Program launches an ongoing National Study Tours Program for the partnering amalgamated communities in Ukraine. National Study Tour Program aims at dissemination and replication of best practices in Ukraine, establishment of regular communication between communities, and enhancement of the peer-to-peer learning.  Participating in the program, local self-governments will be better prepared for implementation of the strategic plans, and will learn and adjust effective and innovative approaches for community development.

National Study Tour Program will be ongoing program during next 3 years, where schedule, themes and topics will be developed based on demand and can be expanded further if needs arises. The program will include study tour to selected communities that can present best practice in particular topic; workshop and discussion before/after the visit; coaching and support of the implementation of the best practices in participating communities; workshops during implementation of the tools to address possible challenges or share lessons learnt.

Goals and objectives:

To support DOBRE National Study Tour Program implementation Global Communities will contract consultants in the above-mentioned areas to implement the following objectives:

  1. Identify best practices and/or innovative methodology for achieving strategic goals and solving the problems of the local community all around Ukraine. This will include the analysis of the best practices and innovative technologies worth transferring and scaling-up in other communities.
  2. Prepare the study tour program in respective area of expertise of the consultant. This will include identifying specific areas to be addressed by the program, development of the study tour program based on the communities’ needs, development of the workshop content. Consultants will conduct introduction and follow-up trainings for the study tour participants and assist in development of the implementation plan based on results of the study tour.  Consultant(s) will accompany each group of participants in each study tour. Study tour group of participants will consist of up to 20 people.  Depending on the program the study tour may last from 2 to 5 days.
  3. Provide coaching and support to the study tours participants on the issues related to the implementation of the best practices and innovative methodologies in participating communities. This will include telephone and/or online consultation on the implementations of the planned steps within 6 month after the study tour. In addition, it may include visits to the communities to provide on spot consultation if needed.
  4. Conduct follow-up workshop (s) for all study tours participants to discuss challenges and lessons in the process of implementation and adjust future steps. It will include creating the program for the follow-up seminar (s) with the revision of communities’ progress and next steps program development.


Depending on the topic and need, consultant activities may include but not limited to:

  1. Desk research for the best practices implemented in Ukraine in the area that consultant will be covering though National Study Tours.
  2. Preliminary Visits to the communities where best practices and innovative methods implemented to finalize the assessment and study tour program.
  3. Consulting with the participants of the study tour in order to identify specific areas of interest in selected topic of the tour to finalize study tour agenda.
  4. Development of the study tour program, training materials and schedules.
  5. Accompany each study tour group of participants during the study tour;
  6. Conducting seminar within study tour on the topic to be covered at the beginning of study tour.
  7. Facilitate learning during study tour by providing proper explanation and analysis of the best practices examples to be examined.
  8. Leading 2-3 hours session to discuss study tour results and develop the implementation plans.
  9. Telephone and online consultation and mentoring of the study tour participants on the implementations of the planned steps within 3 month after the study tour.
  10. Visit to the communities to provide the on spot consulting within 6 month after study.
  11. Developing and conducting follow-up workshop on challenges, lessons learned and future steps plans.

Level of efforts: 

The detailed work plan will be developed with the consultant as part of the contract.  The approximate LOE for the development and organizing National Study Tour program for one area is 35 days, that will include study tours for up to 3 groups.

The exact number and schedule of the study tours will be defined based on the identified needs and urgency.  The maximum number of study tours for one expert during three years is expected not to exceed 18. The maximum number of days for this contract for one expert during three-year period will not exceed 536 days but will vary based on number of study tours conducted and number of participating communities receiving mentorship support.

The selection process:

Global Communities will select consultants based on the following criteria:

  • Relevant theoretical and practical experience in one of the above-mentioned topics;
  • Experience in implementing projects in communities and/or towns in the above mentioned topics;
  • Training experience in the above-mentioned spheres;
  • Experience in assisting local governments in amalgamated communities.

Please, note that the final selection of the themes and consultants will be based on the specific community needs.  DOBRE may further extend the list of the themes or limit it only to those that program identifies as the most relevant for the program implementation.

To apply please send:

  • Your CV and cover letter with 1) summary of your experience and 2) sphere of your expertise (up to 3 from the list of above-mentioned spheres) that you are proposing to cover to .
  • Up to three page concept of the proposed study tour that will include 1) background of the specific area of expertise and how it is relevant to the challenges that newly amalgamated communities are facing; 2) demonstrated knowledge of existing innovations and best practices in Ukraine; 3) proposed list of activities for the implementation of the National Study Tour Program in your area.
  • At least three names for professional references.

Please, indicate  “National Study Tour Program Short-term Consultancy” in the subject line when submitting the package.  The applications are accepted by August  31, 2017.  

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