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You're reading: Night Owl: No place to sit at Ibiza in hot Odesa

ODESA – While strolling in an alley near Odesa’s best beach Arcadia late one night, a huge white curvaceous two-story building appeared.  The strains of music we heard and its promising name (it’s called Ibiza, after the Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea) beckoned us to take a closer look. 

After my friend, a native of Odesa, said that this night club has the reputation of having the best beach parties, we immediately turned to the cash desk to get tickets. 

It was half past 11, the parties usually start there at 11 p.m., so there already was a line of people standing outside. We had to wait about 10 minutes to enter as the guards were checking tickets and bags. 

Inside it was even better. Designed as a huge ant hill, white cozy sofas near the entrance offered panoramic views of the club, including its two stages, the terrace with a swimming pool and dance floor.

Unfortunately, they were all occupied by party lovers or reserved. In this case it’s better to do it in advance. Nevertheless, we go on and keep exploring the rest of the club.  

Our next attempt was the terrace next to the dance floor and swimming pool. But the tables there were all reserved as well. One of the illuminated benches on the pier over the sea was free and we finally took a seat. There was also a mini-bar right there where we got some drinks.

Our next and final destination was the dance floor next to the swimming pool. The music was pretty good. That day DJs from France and Moscow were playing their best sets. However, it was too monotonous and we got bored with it in an hour or so. Moreover, people kept coming and it seemed that there would be no place to put our feet soon.

Having nowhere to sit and take a rest we decided to leave. When leaving we noticed that the queue next to the entrance was even bigger than it was when we arrived.

Overall I would recommend visiting Ibiza beach club. Apart from wild beach parties, it frequently stages concerts of pop and rock Ukrainian and foreign bands and singers. Pop diva Ani Lorak will give a concert there on Aug.5 and Taboo, the famous musician and singer of the American hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas is expected to perform in Ibiza on Aug.4. 

Don’t forget to reserve a table in advance, unless you’re able to dance all night long. 

Ibiza beach club
Odesa, Arcadia beach
Entrance fee: Hr 100 for women, Hr 150 for men
Ticket orders and reservations (048) 777-02-05

Kyiv Post staff writer Anastasia Forina can be reached at

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