Demonstrators rally against Inter TV

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Activists attach a poster on the fence which reads "Inter belongs to Putin" in front of the "Inter" TV channel building during the anti-Inter rally on Sep. 5.
Photo by Volodymyr Petrov

Nearly 30 activists gathered on Sept. 5 in front of Inter TV channel building for the anti-Inter rally.

Activists gathered at 10 a.m. and stayed until evening. Protests continued again on Sept. 6. On Sept. 5, demonstrators displayed posters, brought tires and assembled eight tents in front of the fence. People inside the channel building preparing for another attack and possible arson fire, keeping fire extinguishers nearby.

Read about the Sept 4 arson attack here

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The sobering reality is that Ukraine, Poland, the Baltics and all the other small, "in-between" states (most of which are Slavic) between the Baltic, the Black Sea, and the Adriatic will have to defend themselves against aggression from Russia and others. Thinking NATO or America or the EU will protect them is foolish daydreaming.
THE SOLUTION is an East European Confederation / Federation joining those 17 nations - Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & Ukraine - together in a political, economic and military alliance. An EEC would be more than a match for Russia militarily and a potential world economic powerhouse. An EEC could "associate" with NATO and join EU yet maintain a distinctly East European identity.
Why are people not discussing and strategizing about an East European Confederation? Isn't it apparent the time has come for a new European alignment? If you think Russia under Putin will be appeased by eastern Ukraine you are deluded. The time has come to protect yourselves and stop begging others to do so for you.

The world finally knows how ignorant, insulting to humanity and beyond intellectual capability a Russian can be....Putin defines the mass 80% of Russians...pathetic creatures on this planet...

Vladimir "D*ckhead" Putin: The death and destruction you have wrought in Ukraine will be addressed by creating a strong Ukrainian state with standards that will force Russia to change and become more like the EU itself in order to survive. That is just the beginning, yet it is a beginning. Your days are numbered. Start counting.

Lyashko is just more of the same. He will monetize his political support once he gets into Parliament. This is an obvious business/political project aimed at snapping up some of the emotional voters who used to support Tymoshenko.

About time. I just wish it will go somewhere

Ukraine had better watch its back with this type of
"peace". Putin is unpredictable; in fact, I would try to keep him busy. I
would keep reminding Putin very frequently how many different language schools there are in the Russian Federation and how many there are in Ukraine, Poland, Baltic Nations, Western nations; Russia's infrastructure such as country roads, running water, electricity, libraries etc. Compare Russia's GDP, type of export, type of import, smoking and alcohol consumption. Compare Russia's expenditure on military, education, pensions, veterans, surviving widows, military and police salaries etc. These topics would be of interest for most people in the wide world.

Gerald Mark Causey

It is too bad the world doesn't care about the Russian terrorists in the Ukraine. Too bad that the pig phukr Putin doesn't try to stop the Russian terrorists from invading more Ukraine territory. I guess he does in fact believe that there are "good" terrorists and "bad" terrorists. Maybe he should listen to his own UN Representative...

Maybe, what is happening in Ukraine should start to happen in Russia, in an unpredictable manner, using the methods and manners Russia has used in Ukraine.

How can Putin, who denies that Russian troops are in east Ukraine, be trusted?

For Putin "peacemaking" is just another form of warfare.

Euro Maidan Three anyone?

It is insult to injury to allow ANY member of the Rada or any government institution to have immunity. If the law is good enough for the people it is good enough for the government.

The West will not get it until they bleed...literally. Sad but true as two World Wars have taught us.

Who cares what that meglamaniacal, tiny junked, kgb closet case wants? Out Of Ukraine, you czarist prig

Don't worry Blow Fan Go. He doesn't have to. The war is over. Not to mention the double cross! You see dumb sh!t, your part of the territory is destroyed. Your leaders are blacklisted in the west in addition to Russia, making China the only credible resource Russia has now. Financing is on China's terms not Russia's. This further weakens Russia. Russia's current oil fields are in decline, and it needs western financing and equipment to develop those fields, including the fields where the gas from Russia's new pipeline will come from. Your 50,000 soldiers will desert you if they are not paid. Russia will tax you heavily for their "assistance" both past and future. You were not freed by Russia, you are slave to Russia.

All the talent from your region moved away long ago and will not come back. Your rule is over old people not able to contribute anything but additional cost. You are not Transnistria. Because you boarder Russia, you are in direct contact with your slave master. Transnistria is now effectively cut off from from Russia forever.

You have nothing to rule over, everything is destroyed and all the intellectuals needed to rebuild have left. You have no money to rebuild. Anything you get from Russia, a declining world power, will be paid back in your removal from power, and as in the case of your previous short history, former leaders from Transnistria, and Russia will again become your slave masters. All profits and riches you thought you would get, will be extracted and sent back to Moscow.

During this time the rest of Ukraine will become a great nation causing you to become more and more bitter to your Russian slave masters until the day they finally extract the last of your will to live from you.

Enjoy the party.

hello my friends in Ukraine I have been banned from face book by Russians blocking my account like many but now I am back and Ukraine and Europe are one with us 🙂

Russians can see through Putins tv propaganda and can see Putin as a failing president with too much talk of war..

What a breath of fresh air after the demise of the former minister of education

Novorossiya now has over 50,000 soldiers. If he goes back there again he won't make it out alive.

These type of articles are encouraging. We may not lose sight of our objective and work to overcome challenges.

Is Ukraine a protectorate of Russia?

We must trust somebody and at the moment it is Poroshenko. All desired changes can not be made at once. Reforms required by EU will get most of the hoped for changes in place. Fine tuning all changes will also take time and our patience. This does not mean that we should not bring to the administration's attention transgressions that we will notice. With our resilience there is a good chance for a better future.

It would have been enticing and alluring to have a few photographs of the sights.

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