NATO celebrates radio program with partners in Kyiv

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Guests arrive at the D*LUX nightclub in Kyiv to attend NATO party on June 11.

The closing party of NATO Radio Marathon 2016 (aired on Nashe Radio every Friday at 3 p.m., 107.9 FM in Kyiv) took place on June 10 at 7 p.m. at D*LUX. The project was a partnership of Ukraine's Human Rights Foundation, the NATO Information and Documentation Center and the Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine.

The project NATO Radio Marathon started in April: there were 10 weekly radio programs devoted to 10 NATO member states, aired live on Nashe Radio. Every Friday, radio listeners were asked three questions related to NATO facts and NATO member states. During the 10th and final radio program dedicated to NATO, the winner of the NATO Marathon was selected by the NATO Information and Documentation Centre director. Each show was attended by an ambassador or a representative of a NATO-member country.

Ambassadors of Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Denmark participated to the marathon.

The project was to serve as a source of information to Ukrainians about NATO and NATO states, and became a media platform to discuss the NATO-Ukraine cooperation. Using innovative approaches to inform the public though an engaging and creative radio program, the organizers attracted the audience and deliver information to a vast audience, including in the troubled zones of Ukraine.

“NATO stands for unity. Tonight we demonstrate our unity by coming by together under the NATO banner to celebrate an event which has brought information and enhanced awareness about NATO and its diverse member nations to countless Ukrainians, throughout the country, in the east and west, north and south. “Congratulations to the winner and many thanks for your interest and support over the past 10 weeks of the NATO Radio Marathon,” said Natalia Nemyliwska, director of the NATO Information Center, speaking at the closing party.

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