UkeTube: Taras Kuzio says Ukrainians demand justice from leaders, while Russians do not (VIDEO)

Editor's Note: The following are the full remarks by Taras Kuzio, senior research associate, Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta, on justice, EuroMaidan, the Ukrainian government, the middle class, civil society, and oligarchs in Ukraine, University of Toronto, Canada, on June 19. The project is undertaken by UkeTube.

– Justice in Ukraine (Справедливість в Україні) drove Orange Revolution and Euromaidan Revolution of dignity, Arab Spring

0:43 Ukrainians defend their rights unlike Russians (Українці захищають свої права. А росіяни ні.) Ukrainians will rebel. Accountability in Ukraine
1:15 Elites in post-USSR countries have never been accountable
2:00 EuroMaidan anniversary: no trials for murders, killings, no criminal convictions, no trials for bankrupting Ukraine.
2:50 If there are no charges, President Poroshenko’s popularity will decline. Poroshenko will become like Viktor Yushchenko
3:48 Ukrainian veterans, wounded, raised money to purchase their own equipment, guns, machine guns
4:50 Political rhetoric from Russia
5:11 Petro Poroshenko is not the worst oligarch, minigarch, Anders Aslund, millionaires V billionaires, Kolomoyskiy, Rinat Akhmetov
6:35 Dmytro Firtash, Petro Poroshenko, Vitali Klitschko, UDAR, Yulia Tymoshenko, Arseniy Yatseniuk
8:06 20,000 prosecutors office in Ukraine live off bribes, security service, ministry of interior, prison officers, police officers
9:30 No prosecution of elites in Ukraine
9:50 Serhiy Klyuyev (Сергій Клюєв) immunity stripped then fled Ukraine, Mezhyhirya (Межигір’я), Viktor Yanukovych
10:50 Petro Poroshenko, Wall Street Journal, Kyiv Post, convictions of people on corruption charges in Ukraine a state secret
12:20 Average young Ukrainian is into politics
12:34 Poroshenko is convinced that Ukraine is a priority for the West. It is not
13:00 Ukraine is not a priority for US President Obama, Canada, and the European Union
13:20 MH17 airline crash
14:00 EuroMaidan
14:30 Deoligarchization
14:40 If Oligarchs are not dealt with, if there isn’t demonopolization Ukraine will be a weak state. Oligarchs are corrupt, have monopoly of power.
15:40 Ihor Kolomoyskyi (Ігор Коломойський), Ukrop (Укроп), oligarchs control Ukraine’s economy
16:15 Ukraine’s economy is lopsided: small-to-medium businesses are 15% of GDP compared to central Europe where small to medium businesses are 35-45% of GDP which is the basis for middle class
17:00 New Ukrainians in Toronto are able to set up a business very easily – not possible in Ukraine
17:40 Ukraine’s quasi-democracy

This video was not sponsored

Taping location courtesy of St. Vladimir Institute

Taras Kuzio remarks on UkeTube released on June 19.

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