IN PICTURES: The Wedding of Ukrainian Defender - The Story Of Invincibility, Suffering and Love

On Sunday of August 21st, Ukrainian war correspondents Kostiantyn and Vlada Liberov witnessed a significant event: the wedding of Ukrainian defender Vladyslav Yeshchenko, renowned as the 'Samurai'." They aptly dubbed it 'The Wedding of a Hero'.

During a mission as a sapper and volunteer, Vlad sustained severe injuries. He lost his eyesight and the ability to perceive the world around him. However, his unwavering spirit remained unbroken.

Vlad is currently sharing his experiences with other military personnel who have experienced partial or complete loss of vision as a result of war. He helps them find useful information and emphasizes, through his own personal journey, that life continues beyond these challenges.

Valeria, Vlad's girlfriend, has been a steadfast source of support from the very outset. Recently, she agreed to become his wife.

"This story is about invincibility, yes. And also about the great grief that Russia brought with it. If not for the war, this young cheerful guy would have had the opportunity to see his beautiful bride on the most important day for them," Liberov wrote.