Thermal Power Plant Hit By Missile Terror: Exclusive Footage From Kyiv Post

Kyiv Post has obtained exclusive footage of one of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure facilities, which has been devastated by Russian missiles. 

Once a crucial component of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, this station now lies in ruins after sustaining multiple missile strikes, halting electricity generation entirely.

The footage reveals shattered power units, with all turbines and transformers destroyed in the attacks. The sight of burnt-out turbines and shattered workshops bears an eerie resemblance to scenes from the Chornobyl disaster.

Station employees, who bravely fought to extinguish the flames following the missile strike, survey the extent of the devastation. 

They concede that the analysis of the debris and charred structures will likely take weeks, if not months.

Nevertheless, these courageous individuals vow to spare no effort in the reconstruction of the TPP, even if it requires months or years of work.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive report by the Kyiv Post, featuring video footage captured at the scene.

Author: Sergii Kostezh.

Photo: Ihor Yevchenko.