PICTURES: Evacuation Under Shelling in Kharkiv Region

Residents of several dozen settlements are being forced to flee due to the destruction of their homes by Russian artillery and aircraft.

In the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, an active Russian offensive has been underway in recent days, prompting an emergency evacuation of civilians from villages and towns caught in the line of fire.

Local authorities report that more than 6,000 people have fled the dangerous zone in the north of the Kharkiv region, which borders Russia. At least half of them were evacuated by volunteers amidst the Russian fire.

Most of the evacuees are pensioners. According to them, Russian troops are indiscriminately destroying houses in frontline settlements with shelling, regardless of the proximity of the Ukrainian army. 

Often, people leave without their belongings but make efforts to take their pets with them.

Many people have suffered concussions and are receiving assistance from doctors and psychologists. 

International organizations are providing necessary hygiene items, food, medicines, and help with settling in temporary shelters.

Expect a detailed report from Kyiv Post on the evacuation site, featuring eyewitness accounts, soon.