Kherson: Where the Shelling Has Not Stopped

Kherson has become one of the symbols of Ukrainian resistance. Its residents did not accept the occupation and greeted the Ukrainian army with flowers.

However, the liberation of Kherson, a regional center with a population of 300,000, did not mark the end of its problems in this war. 

Located on the right bank of the Dnipro River, it has become a target for Russian artillery, which destroys it every day.

The attacks are chaotic, and shells often hit residential buildings, shops, and public transport. Most of the population has left the city, but according to local observers, more than 60,000 people remain.

They continue their lives, open new businesses, and have become accustomed to the “arrivals” that have not stopped for a single day.

Kyiv Post offers these photos as a preview of a detailed video report from Kherson.