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You're reading: New York Times: Russia says compromising dossier on Donald Trump is ‘pulp fiction’

MOSCOW – Russia has denied having any compromising material on President-elect Donald J. Trump, saying on Jan. 11 that an uncorroborated report containing salacious allegations about him was “pulp fiction” intended to hurt Russian-American relations.

“The Kremlin has no compromising dossier on Mr. Trump, such information is not consistent with reality and is nothing but an absolute fantasy,” Dmitri S. Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman, said at a regular news briefing.

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This may very well be a fake and a scurrilous attempt to discredit Trump. But we must not forget that the FSB (not unlike other foreign intelligence services) regularly bugs hotel rooms and seek "kompromats" on prominent visitors, including businessmen and anybody who may be useful to them. It would be out of character for the FSB had they failed to attempt doing so with Trump. Putin, himself, was quite successful in this by publicly broadcasting a sexual encounter between a prominent Moscow official and 2 prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room in order to promote his own ambitions.

Trump's indignation is understandable and predictable, but his own somewhat salacious record and comments (as often averred to in the campaign) may be partly the reason why anybody would attach any credibility to these reports. As an example, no one would have difficulty attaching credibility to reports (fake or not) of Bill Clinton's sexual dalliances - be they with prostitutes or with interns. Having sought the sweet fruits of fame and power, they must also be prepared to taste the bitterness of public scrutiny and search for skeletons in their closets......including allegations such as this that - as of this writing - appear to be spurious and little more than "politics" with a very nasty twist.

There are very powerful and evil forces aligned against Trump - many of them in the media. But evil is evil, even when it appears in the guise of a friend. And Putin, with whom Trump hopes to establish "friendly" relations, is evil. His fingerprints can be found on the graves of thousands of Georgians, Chechnyans. Ukrainians, and well as individual journalists and ordinary Russians caught up in his web of corruption, repression, and assassination.

There may be no "kompromat" on Trump in Moscow. But failure to support a nation that shares western values and aspires to live in peace with its neighbors against such a thug would be a far worse "kompromat" than any that Moscow or Trump's political opponents can conjure.

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