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You're reading: Associated Press: US debate on arming Ukraine puts pressure on Russia, Trump

WASHINGTON – Seeking leverage with Russia, the Trump administration has reopened consideration of long-rejected plans to give Ukraine lethal weapons, even if that would plunge the United States deeper into the former Soviet republic’s conflict.

The deliberations put pressure on President Donald Trump, who’s fighting perceptions he is soft on the Kremlin amid investigations into whether his campaign colluded with Moscow to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election.

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If the Russians are willing to commence meaningful negotiations to end hostilities in Ukraine's Donbas Region, put an end to sanctions imposed by the Western powers against Russia for their invasions of Crimea and Eastern Donbas and to normalize and defuse tensions between Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the West in general, then the Kremlin will have to recognize the absolute necessity to reverse its military aggression and attempts at subterfuge against its neighbors as well as the Western powers. It should also be underlined that there has never been a Russian leader or leadership that has ever negotiated a retreat from a position of strength. Nevertheless, why now? Has Putin just realized that he does not have the power to recreate a new Russian Empire thereby making Russia great again (where Ukraine was considered as an essential component)? Has the diminutive former KGB super spy just realized that Russia has been rapidly nearing bankruptcy and that he cannot rely on any allies (if he ever had any) to get him out of this mess? Then again, could it be the insecurity of a socio-psychopathic bully who could not come to terms with his deliberately projected image of superman, batman, aquaman/Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin? However, whatever makes this creature tick, he may have to act soon. After all, when the people of the Russian Empire demanded bread in 1917 and all they received was war, pestilence and death, what happened as a result? Could another Russian Revolution lurk around the corner?

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