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You're reading: Luhansk separatist commander killed in car blast (VIDEO)
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Oleg Anashchenko, a military commander of the Russian-backed separatists based in the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk, was killed by a car bomb early on Feb. 4 in his parked car in the city center.

Another person was also killed in Anashchenko’s Toyota Jeep, separatist officials reported without naming the casualty.

The separatists blamed the Ukrainian security forces for 48-year-old Anashchenko’s murder.

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This should be happening much more frequently, and not only to officers or officials, but to those who distinguish themselves with their brutality and support for the collaborationist regime as well as ordinary Russians who are there as an occupying force.

There should be targeting of Russian commanders, remove them from Ukrainian soil, rid the nation of this disease. all rail lines between Russia and Ukraine in this area should be destroyed as well. Ukraine must use Special Forces much more to inflict pain to Russia!

Greg, you're a man after my own heart 🙂

It may, of course, spark a round of retaliatory measures, but the Russians will do what and when they want to do, anyway. At some point - if this thing is to stop - it must be with the sort of vigor and brutality that other nations inflicted in defending against invaders - and not only in response to some new outrage on their part. That still leaves Russians with the initiative. I am not aware of any time during its decade of fighting that the Ukrainian Partisan Army played "tit for tat" with the Nazis or the Soviets. That is why they earned the never-ending dread of the Red Army. Minsk II is violated almost every day for the last 2 years by the Russians, while Ukrainians carefully gather evidence of how they were fired on. It is and has been dead and is raised by the Russians only when they spot a sliver of advantage in it. Otherwise, the only ones who came on treating it as if it is for real ("the only solution") are the Ukrainians. Time to make Donbas a grave-yard where Russian occupiers come to die by targeting them throughout the occupied territories that they have plundered and destroyed. .....and then let the diplomats sort it all out.

How appropriate. The terrorists from Russian occupied Donbas being terrorized.

Somehow I doubt this was done by Ukrainian's more likely Russian's cleaning house or a local operation, a vendetta against him.
If Russia (Putin) decides to withdraw as part of a deal they don't want to leave any loose ends behind i.e. hired thugs who may not want to give up power. There are too many people that know too much about Russian involvement to just leave them there.

Ukraine cannot wait for Western support. they must move forward with plans to defeat Russian invasion. Like Lithuanian Ukraine should create a manual for citizens to resist Russian occupation. Provide training to those who desire to be prepared. Resist on all fronts, stop allowing Russian companies to do busy in Ukraine. start to truly take the offence and destroy supply depots, rail lines, road and bridges between Russia and Ukraine. Create a Special Force to target Russian troops, send them Cargo 200 shipments back to Russia by the hundreds.

Remember Churchill's words. "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender." substitute island for land. This MUST be Ukraine's motto to destroy Russian troops everywhere.

stop playing at war and be real ! trump is indifferent because he does not want to lose Russian customer with his business interests. Above all things Trump is for Trump and no one else.

Work with your near countries to create alliances and bonds, secure weapons from them. get Antonov to convert planes to bombers? Use missiles, use everything to kick these invaders out. I expect Ukraine will have to take the fight to Russia soil before Putin wakes up. High risk yes, but Russians must paid the price for their support of a murderous ways.

I wonder if the last thing to go through his mind was his *ss hole

He may have wanted to kiss it goodbye.

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