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You're reading: UPDATE: Poroshenko signs law to crack down on anti-corruption NGOs, journalists
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President Petro Poroshenko on March 27 signed into law amendments that require anti-corruption non-governmental organizations, investigative journalists and potentially any anti-corruption protesters to file publicly accessible electronic asset declarations.

The legislation is seen as an effort by the authorities to crack down on anti-corruption activists and independent media. It has triggered a backlash from civil society, with some comparing it to the dictatorial Russian law branding nongovernmental organizations as “foreign agents.”

Experts from the Reanimation Package of Reforms even argue that the signing of the law would imply the re-introduction of authoritarianism in Ukraine.

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If you or your organization is honest and above board then there shouldn't be any problem. If a supposed anti-corruption organization were actually being funded by Russia or another oligarch to try and finger another oligarch the motives could be suspect.

Your thoughts are that of an individual that sees only how such a law can be used for what you perceive as being good. Let me stress the importance of being leery has to how a law can be used in the hands of an individual with malicious intent.
Do you wish your news to be sugar coated so its easier to swallow, or do you want the truth so the people can be called to action so as to remedy the problem? Is it your intention to find an enemy in those that find fault where fault exists?

I agree. The use of the word "crackdown" in the title to this piece appears to be inappropriate and tendentious unless the author includes more details on the reasons and justification offered by its drafters and promoters, and explains just how this will discourage anti-corruption activism.

There is simply too much of knee-jerk reaction faulting the current administration for everything, especially in the fight against corruption. Successes are ignored while failures are magnified. The pressures from the media should be kept up but this ought be done in a balanced, factual manner.

On the surface it does seem that the law is intended to hamper efforts to fight corruption. But it would be helpful to learn what justification had been offered by Poroshenko or the Verkhovna Rada for these troubling amendments.

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