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You're reading: Rumor mill goes into overdrive over prospect of secret peace deal with Kremlin
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Nearly three years into Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Ukrainian government looks to be slowly preparing the public for a bitter compromise with the Kremlin.

In December, billionaire oligarch Viktor Pinchuk suggested big concessions need to be made to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in exchange for reintegrating Russian-occupied areas of the Donbas back into Ukraine.

Back then, President Petro Poroshenko vehemently denied he had anything to do with Pinchuk’s plan and publicly condemned it.

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Ukraine do not be fooled by Russia, Putin wants to destroy your country and he will never leave you alone. Putin will have to leave this world in order for Ukraine to find peace.

Does anyone believe Russia will remove heavy weapons from Donbas?

This sounds awful. My "plan" has been to expel Donbas, recognize the republics. Impossible and silly, of course, but I think the prospects for an independent Ukraine would be better with those areas out of the nation. I hope folks don't find this offensive; I've no real skin in this game.

Makes me sick to think they are even doing this. Congress is stronger than Trump and I wouldn't give in so quickly. Either get back Donbas free and clear, move the ethnic russians to Crimea and then there will be only one border to worry about. With Trump kept in power, it might just be the USA that will be in a similar position as Ukraine is now within a decade. As it stands now for 3 of the significant world leaders, we have a Commie, a Mafia King & a Con Man. God help us all.

I would say that there needs to be an appraisal or weighing of the merits of having occupied Donbas reintegrated into Ukraine versus not. If this in any way prevents or slows Ukraine from continuing it's move towards the west I'd wall off the occupied territories.

I appreciate your words an insight Jim, but the challenge and problem Ukraine faces is no matter what they agree to, if Russia is not out of Ukraine completely, Putin wins. He will accept anything that gives him more land then wait to take more. There is no way to enforce Putin to stop invading nations and Ukraine in particular.

Ukraine must push back against Putin, if that means an all out war then Putin cannot no longer lie. At least Ukraine will be able to move forward. Who will enforce any agreement with Putin? Not the USA, we all know their stand on agreements, it is no different than Putin's. Ukraine was foolish enough to believe nations would live up to their agreements.

The Budapest Memorandum was just that a memorandum in essence an inter-office email nothing more nothing less. Bill Clinton was what we call in the military an alligator mouth with a hummingbird a$$, i.e. all talk no action. If he really wanted to insure that Ukraine was secure after giving up nukes he would have done a binding treaty with specific actions spelled out, instead he wanted to look like he was reducing the threat of nuclear weapons without any cost for it on his part.
If there are talks ongoing between Ukraine and Russia then it is the Russian leaning oligarchs that are pressing the issue. If Poroshenko agrees to making a deal before having a viable plan B in place and also selling that plan to Trump then it is entirely on Poroshenko for what happens. It is the oligarchs who have interests in Donbas that want a deal because their losing money they don't give a rats derriere about Ukraine and that is precisely why the US and EU will not blindly defend Ukraine.
Until someone in Ukraine eliminates the oligarchs from their influence in government Ukraine will not be free.

History demonstrates that any agreement with Moscow is worthless.

Any concession to Russian neo-imperial military aggression against Ukraine, by the Ukrainian government would amount to treason.

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