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You're reading: Ukraine’s representative to NATO upbeat about Western support
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BRUSSELS — As Ukraine’s head of mission to NATO, Yehor Bozhok has a front-row seat into what the military alliance is thinking about Russia and Ukraine.

He likes what he sees and hears. He sees no chance that the West will sell out Ukraine. He also sees no chance that Ukraine will sell out itself, meaning surrender the Donbas – where Russia’s war has claimed 10,000 lives since 2014 – or give up its claim to Russian-occupied Crimea.

Compromising on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty “is a no-go for us. This is a no-go for our NATO partners,” Bozhok told the Kyiv Post in a Feb. 15 interview in NATO headquarters on the sidelines of a meeting of NATO defense ministers. “If we all agree or accept what Russia did, the Pandora’s box will be open. The cost of tackling Russian aggression in the future will be much higher. Russia has to go out of Ukraine. That is the red line. This is something all allies here unanimously support.”

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The fastest way for Ukraine to progress is for people 25-35 to be involved and take the reigns of government. They are educated and tech savvy and have no ties to the old Soviet Union as they were too young to really be influenced.

The only reason that Europe (and perhaps America) is holding strong on Ukraine is simply this: Ukraine has begun to show its military strength and endurance and foreign countries now see Ukraine as a real factor in countering further Russian advances. Even with its continuing high level of corruption, countries first look to military strength. No one talks about Russian corruption (which, according to Transparency International) is at the same level as Ukraine's......only about Russian military strength.

Now just imagine how much further along (and respected) Ukraine would be if it also brought corruption down to a manageable level.....billions more would have been available for defense.

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