A lecture that previews some arguments of my coming book on freedom

In the lecture recorded here, which I was very happy to be able to give at a conference at Colby College devoted to Havel last Saturday, I work together some of the main themes of the thinking of Zelens’ky and of Havel, and present elements of my argument about the nature of freedom. I am proud of this lecture, and hope that you will enjoy it.

PS As I’ve been saying for months now, Ukraine is winning the war. Look out for some headlines about Ukrainian advances in the next day or two.

PPS Normally I keep audio material for paid subscribers only, but this time I will release it for everyone. If you can, though, I would appreciate it if you subscribe. Doing so opens the archive to you, and will give you access to other audio material, as well as on-line discussions with me to be scheduled in the months to come.


Listen to the lecture here.

Reprinted from Timothy Snyder’s Thinking about

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