The most famous alley in Kyiv was created at the beginning of 1980. It was dedicated to the 1,500th anniversary of the city. It got its name Landscape (Peizazhna) for the fascinating landscapes of the Podil district and the Dnipro River, which are visible along the entire route. Kyiv residents and city guests can see the Ukrainian capital's landscape almost from a bird's-eye view. It is very beautiful here in any season of the year at any time of the day. This is one of the most favorite places for walks of city residents and its guests: enamored couples, artists, and especially children.

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In 2009, a charming park of mosaic-ceramic sculptures, which were created by the city designer Kostiantyn Skrutytsky for the funds of local residents and charitable organizations, supplemented the picturesque scenery of the alley. Here you can meet the Little Prince, get to the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, find many fantastic animals, creative fountains and rest on unusual benches. Along the entire route, you can count 75 objects of mosaic art, each of which has its own deep meaning.


Mosaic-ceramic sculptures. Photo from open sources.

In addition to fantastic sculptures, there are many interesting things here. The alley starts from the National Museum of the History of Ukraine, which in terms of the number and wealth of collections is one of the most outstanding museums in the country. Next to the museum, there are the so-called Podilski Stairs, which were built in 1695 and recently restored. The stairs have 240 steps and the balustrade decorated with various patterns and engravings in the form of a map. They are made in a serpentine pattern, at each turn there is a viewing platform with a bench and modern lighting at night. The stairs lead to the old Honcharna Street. From the Landscape Alley, there is an exit to the Lysa Hora hill, which is considered the most mystical place in the city.


Podilski Stairs. Photo from open sources.

A special object of the Landscape Alley is an ancient linden tree that can grant wishes. There are legends about its age. According to one version, the founder of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Metropolitan Petro Mohyla planted it about 400 years ago. According to another one, the tree is about 1,000 years old. All those who have walked along the Landscape Alley tell about the powerful energy of the surrounding area.

Magic linden tree. Photo from open sources.

The alley is located on the historically famous Starokyivska Hill. Historians claim that it was at this place during the times of Kyivan Rus that the political life of the capital was concentrated, because it was here that the "elite" quarter of the princely capital - the Upper Town - was located. Defense structures were placed on Starokyivska Hill, which protected Kyiv from enemy raids. According to the chronicles, in the 9th-10th centuries two princely palaces were located on the hill. There was the residence of Prince Askold here, and after his death - the residence of Princes Oleh, Ihor, and later Princess Olha.

The remains of the foundation of the first stone church in Ukraine. Photo from open sources.

This hill is considered the historical heart of Kyiv and one of the sacred places of Ukraine. The remains of the foundation of the first stone church of Ukraine – Desiatynna, built in 989-996, as well as the temple of Svitovyd, which is the oldest of all pagan temples discovered on the territory of Kyiv that was found at the beginning of the last century, have been preserved here.


Svitovid's capiche. Photo: www.

The Landscape Alley is recognized as a natural monument of local importance and is protected by UNESCO. You can start walking along the alley from 2 Volodymyrska Street towards 40 Velyka Zhytomyrska Street (or in the opposite direction).

Access to the Bald Mountain. Photo from open sources.

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