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Cartoons are funny except when they are not. This one of Trump reveals the cartoonist’s political bias.
Republicans are alarmed at what is happening at the American southern border with Mexico. The dems believe in an open border policy, which could allow terrorists into the country unchecked. Perhaps it has already happened. republicans are saying that they support Ukraine but want to horse trade that support for a tightened border.
Dems brought this situation on.

Solomon Mokey
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@Imokru2, Political cartoons by their nature can be bias but to suggest it's unfair that Trump be characterized as a Putin's ally doesn't reflect their history.
You have a problem with your border which could be easily resolved with mandatory prison for anyone hiring illegal migrants. The ease and temptation to obtain work needs to be removed, but of course your agriculture industry would suffer and so the political donations.
To tie this policy failure to the literal existence of a democratic nation and death of Ukrainian citizens is grotesque.