King Charles III on Saturday praised the "determination and strength" of the Ukrainian people in a message to mark the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of its neighbor.

"The determination and strength of the Ukrainian people continues to inspire, as the unprovoked attack on their land, their lives and livelihoods enters a third, tragic, year," he wrote.

"Despite the tremendous hardship and pain inflicted upon them, Ukrainians continue to show the heroism with which the world associates them so closely," the monarch added.

"Theirs is true valor, in the face of indescribable aggression."

The British sovereign went to say he continued to be "greatly encouraged that the United Kingdom and our allies remain at the forefront of international efforts to support Ukraine".

"My heart goes out to all those affected, as I remember them in my thoughts and prayers," he added.


Charles announced earlier this month that he had been diagnosed with cancer, just 17 months into his reign following the death of his 96-year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022.

He has taken an indefinite break from royal public duties while he undergoes treatment, but continues to perform official business and administrative tasks behind closed doors.

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After Ms Von der Leyden, King Charles is the biggest pussy in European politics. Spoon fed sack of shit, fuck him.
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Ukraine does not need a cheerleader. They need weapons. President-elect Trump is spot-on when he exposes Europe has offered Ukraine just 25% of the military aid the United States has offered since February 24th, 2022. Why does the Kyiv Post not criticize such a glaring disparity? Because the Kyiv Post is nothing more than a bunch spineless, ball less pieces of fascist censors. You are garbage. I know this to be true because Jack Griffin told me this.