Polish leader Donald Tusk said on Monday his country was willing to "co-finance" exports of Ukrainian grain to third countries, in a bid to defuse tensions over low-priced Ukrainian farm goods.

Disgruntled Polish farmers have been blocking border crossings with Ukraine and clogging highways to protest at what they say is unfair competition from goods entering the Polish market from their war-torn neighbor to the east.

Speaking alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who visited Warsaw on his way back from Ukraine, Prime Minister Tusk said they had held talks about how to "radically increase" Ukrainian grain exports to poorer countries who needed them.

"Poland is ready to actively participate in, and co-finance, such activities," Tusk told reporters without elaborating on the scheme.


Russia has blocked crucial Black Sea trade routes used by Ukraine to export its farm produce.

In a bid to help Kyiv economically, the European Union decided in 2022 to drop tariffs on Ukrainian goods transiting the 27-nation bloc by road. 

But logistical problems mean much of Ukraine's cereal exports has accumulated in EU-member Poland, undercutting local producers.

Tusk said that moves to increase grain exports from Ukraine to other countries "could be a great relief for Polish and European farmers, for Ukraine and for those who are waiting for cheap food in other regions of the world."

Poland's ties with Ukraine have become increasingly strained over the border blockades and the dispute over grain, with at least four incidents of Polish farmers spilling Ukrainian grain from lorries and freight trains.

On Sunday, eight train carriages carrying with Ukrainian corn were prised open and tons of grain spilled onto rail tracks.

Kyiv responded by urging Warsaw to put an end to "impunity" over the "acts of vandalism."

Tusk said the fresh tensions over grain constituted a "critical moment" in relations between the two countries.

He urged the European Union and Ukraine to work together to find a solution.


"It would be the greatest idiocy in the history of our nations if we fell out now and didn't come up with a solution to this matter," Tusk said.

"Because we need each other like never before."

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Comments (2)

David Steel
This comment contains spoilers. Click here if you want to read.

In Britain we left the EU, that does not mean we left the continent of Europe, it means we left a corrupt trading cartel which has all the hallmarks of organised crime.

They tried to block a deal the UK made to buy Covid19 vaccines because they themselves did not see the need at the time, then reacted too late and threatened to break our contract and violate international law by blocking delivery of medicine we had paid for. It was later alleged in a leak that the UK had our special forces on standby to retrieve the vaccine shipments had the EU not backed down.

The EU saw sense and backed down, vaccines we paid for were delivered to British citizens.

Ukraine I pray you do not join the EU, they will rape your land and fix the price of your grain so that it does not upset the Polish or Hungary etc..

Sell your own products at the price it is worth, the EU only benefits the wealthy members like Germany and France. You don't need to join the EU trade alliance to be European, you can declare that yourself.

This comment contains spoilers. Click here if you want to read.

Ukraine needs a safe neighbouring EU warehouse / portal for direct commerce with foreign industry & consumers.

For the last 2 years in particular the free world justifiably has a soft spot for purchasing Ukrainian sourced products...not just its culturally representative items, but the day to day basics and new innovations they are okay with exporting.

I'm imagining an Amazon.com like portal for Ukraine with all warehousing and shipment fulfilment being temporarily done out of Poland. 

 It would generate new wealth for both nations without impacting Poland's domestic pricing.

The Donald Tusk government has the right connections and out of the box trouble shooting mindset to make this happen.