Back in the day, in 2018, was just an idea for a young wannabe entrepreneur from Kyiv, Yevhen Parokhod. Having traveled to the USA, land of opportunities, he came upon the idea of starting his own business. However, he did not know where or with whom to start. Moreover, he didn't realize that his future serious business would be related to luxury cars. 

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A few words about how it all started with

According to Yevhen, everyone intending to do business in the UAE must be ready not only for unbearable heat under the window but also for unbelievable cultural diversity, which influences the whole game. Before starting it, get the rules and know who's paying by them and who's breaking them.


When Yevhen's team came to the UAE, they wanted to create a convenient platform that would gather all local car owners and small car rentals under one digital roof. The team did not have a big budget, but they did have a strong desire, as well as solid knowledge of marketing, sales, and development.

The idea was certainly fresh and somewhat unique, showing promising potential. However, the challenge lay in the diverse cultural backgrounds. Convincing individuals from various parts of the world to stick to Renty. ae's regulations proved to be quite tricky.

Yevhen recalled that time with a weight in his words, reflecting on the challenges he faced.

Some car owners acted irresponsibly and recklessly. They did not clean up a car before passing it to the next client. Moreover, they might forget to deliver a car at the pre-arranged time. To make matters worse, they could charge a client an extra fee.”

The CEO also added that all those were absolutely opposite of what his team wanted. The idea behind the platform was to create a car rental service that provided a positive, memorable experience with a word-of-mouth effect.


As planned by Yevhen, people had to come back. Further on how managed to do that.

Renty’s Game-Changing Attitude

Without exaggeration, Yevhen revolutionized the luxury car rental business. Starting as a simple car booking platform, the Renty team transformed it into a top-class client service. Clients not only get what they came for but even more. became the first car rental in the region to operate on the no-deposit model. There is a wide range of available and luxury cars to fit any taste and budget, despite most of them representing the luxury segment. Clients can get their vehicle at any place and time in Dubai and try chauffeur service. Even if you are unfamiliar with the specific car you wish to rent or the region's peculiarities, the client support service and free delivery are available 24/7. 

It's worth noting that Yevhen does not own all the sports cars in Renty’s fleet for rent. He gathered brand-new car owners under one digital roof because they saw his attitude worked and attracted clients. They accepted his rules and did not regret it.


What are Renty's plans for 2024?

The young founder said that the platform had evolved into a stand-alone company. By the end of 2024, the Renty’s team plans to increase its fleet to 400 vehicles and gain a foothold in Abu Dhabi. Also, they announced the launch of a yacht rental service, which is expected to be in high demand not only in the UAE, but also in Saudi Arabia for a start. Yevhen is going to continue with what has been achieved and is already analyzing other markets.

"My team managed to build a close rapport with partners in the desert region, allowing me to think we can repeat this success anywhere else in the world.

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