The G7 has agreed on preparing a new structure to allocate aid to Ukraine to rebuild infrastructure damaged by brutal missile attacks by Russia, the group of foreign ministers said after talks in Muenster, Germany on Friday, Nov. 4. 

“Today we establish a G7 coordination mechanism to help Ukraine repair, restore and defend its critical energy and water infrastructure,” the group of ministers stated after a meeting in Muenster.

Speaking at a meeting yesterday, on Thursday, Nov.3, senior G7 diplomats pledged to support Ukraine through the coming winter. French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said “Winter is coming and Russia has been systematically destroying civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.”

She went on to say that “needless to say, we believe that this is a humanitarian crisis,” and insisted that Western allies would “strengthen our coordination and… help Ukraine to defend itself and help its population”.


The two-day meeting in Münster, held under Germany’s G7 presidency, began with a session on Ukraine on Nov. 3.

Josep Borrell, the head of foreign policy for the EU, said Vladimir Putin was attempting to “put (Ukraine) in the darkness in the winter time”.

“Putin is waiting for the general winter to come and support the Russian army,” he added.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who launched the meeting, earlier pledged that allied forces would not permit Russia to subject Ukrainians to starvation.

A “winter aid package” will be provided by the partners, she said, and will include items like generators, heaters, container housing, tents, beds, and blankets.

“Russia has chosen a new method of warfare by trying to let people starve, die of thirst and freeze to death,” Baerbock added.

“This is exactly what we, as G7 partners, will try to prevent with everything we have, just as we will try to prevent the other perfidious methods of Russian warfare,” the German minister noted.

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