In Turkey, the first Ada-class corvette warship for the Ukrainian military bearing Ivan Mazepa’s name was launched. For the Ukrainian navy, the Ada anti-submarine corvette will be the first vessel in this class. Mazepa was a prominent Ukrainian Cossack leader from the 18th century.

The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, was present at the ceremony marking the battleship’s launching on Sept. 2 at the Istanbul Naval Shipyard, as well as the Commander of the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleksiy Neizhpapa.

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Vice Admiral Neizhpapa, spoke at the ceremony.

“Todayʼs extremely important event for Ukraine and its naval forces proves once again that in the conditions of a decisive war for our independence and territorial integrity, for the will of the multinational Ukrainian people, for freedom and dignity, we have a wonderful friend — the Republic of Turkey. Our cooperation is getting another dimension — a beautiful corvette that will soon protect Ukraine, free navigation, which is certainly a common goal of our countries,”


Beginning in July 2021, Ukraine and Turkey signed a contract for the construction of two corvettes of the Ada class. On Sept. 7, 2021, the future “Hetman Ivan Mazepa” was ceremoniously laid. They started putting together a crew that same year. The agreements state that the corvettes will join the Ukrainian Armed Forces Navy in 2024. The first of them is anticipated to start performing duties no earlier than 2026; in the interim, it will go through testing.

The corvette will be equipped with American Harpoon anti-ship missiles, MBDA VL MICA short-range anti-aircraft missile system, Leonardo Super Rapid 76-mm artillery system, Rheinmetall Millennium 35-mm anti-aircraft system, 12.7-mm Aselsan STAMP machine gun systems, and 324 mm torpedo tubes with MU90 Impact anti-submarine torpedoes, according to Naval Pages.

In addition, the corvette has room for one helicopter.

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