According to a press release issued by Global Business for Ukraine (GB4U) on Sep. 29, one of the most significant business communities that work in Ukraine (the European Business Association unites around 1,000 Ukrainian businesses and leading global enterprises active in Ukraine, creating over 2 million jobs in the country) formed the union of global companies GB4U to support Ukraine in wartime, as well as its economy, businesses, and people.

Ukraine is going through very challenging times. Support and contribution from the global community are crucial to show that democracy and justice matter.

Ukraine needs investments and businesses to help build a diversified, sustainable economy. GB4U aims to attract investments and businesses into Ukraine to build infrastructure, create business opportunities, facilitate trade, and foster talent.


Ukraine defends its territory, people, and sovereignty against Russia, a brutal aggressor. The price for this is unbelievably high in terms of lives lost and hurt, infrastructure, and the nation’s economy. The total direct damage caused to infrastructure has surpassed $114 billion. The damages caused to enterprises and various industries exceed $9.5 billion.

Hundreds of hospitals, educational institutions, social centers, and thousands of buildings are damaged and destroyed. As the country fights to regain its territorial integrity, businesses in Ukraine work to hold the economic front – to strengthen the basis for Ukraine to rebuild its infrastructure, create a competitive economy, support people, to live in peace and prosperity.

Ukraine has a variety of opportunities to present to the world – brave and highly-educated people (70% have a higher education), world-renowned agriculture, rich and diverse subsoil (1st in Europe in terms of arable land area), an IT sector that has grown 20-25% annually, technologies and creativity, diverse logistics (sea and river, railway, auto) and more. Still, in the years that will follow, the country and its people will need capital and the commitment of its partners in governments and businesses globally for rebuilding and reconstruction after the war.


The role and commitment of global private enterprises in creating a prosperous Ukraine will be crucial. Therefore, GB4U invites international companies to participate in dialog and joint work to deliver on the vision to create an environment for business that offers private enterprises a home in Ukraine for long-term success.

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