A 17-year-old resident of Kyiv has won the Chegg.Org Global Student Prize – an award given to one exceptional student for “having a real impact on learning, the lives of their peers and on society as a whole.” This was announced on Facebook by Chairman of the public union “Osvitoria” Zoya Litvin.

Igor Klymenko, a student of physics and mathematics at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, was announced as the winner of the golden statuette on Sep. 20 in New York.

He received $100,000 for his Quadcopter Mines Detector invention, which seeks to solve the global landmine problem. The device works by quickly finding explosive objects both on and below the land surface and minimizing human participation and risk in undertaking searches.


“Igor’s invention will help to save the lives of civilians and the military. I know that Igor will introduce positive changes at a global level, and his victory once again shows the world that Ukraine is a state of free, smart, unconquered people who remain drivers of development even during the war,” Litvin explained.

Igor first dreamed of creating such a robot back in 2014, following Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine. Over the past two years he worked on the first prototype and presented it at numerous innovative exhibitions.

“Igor wants to implement his device and start mass production. He therefore plans to use the funds to attract investors, develop the finished product as quickly as possible and help his native country on the way to victory and further recovery,” the Global Student Prize notes.

Igor is not only an extremely talented student but is also hardworking and persistent. He spent thousands of hours in laboratories and participated in dozens of competitions, from which he and Ukraine were repeatedly recognized. In the spring of 2022, Igor hid in the basement with eight others during the occupation of his village by the Russian army. He kept asking himself “What can I do for my country?”


The Global Student Prize was founded by the company Chegg.org in partnership with the Varkey Foundation. The award was introduced to celebrate students around the world who have taken giant leaps in changing the world for the better. The prize is considered the “sister” award to the Global Teacher Prize.

In Ukraine, the latter has been held by the public union “Osvitoria” since 2017. This year, it collects stories of courageous teachers and educational heroes, which the whole country will learn more about on the Teacher’s Day national telethon on Oct. 2.

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