Since the beginning of war in Ukraine, the embattled nation has received massive amounts of aid from allied countries.

The need to support Ukraine has resulted in countries committing a significant share of their economic output towards managing different areas disrupted by the war. According to the Kiel Institute For The World Economy, Estonia, Latvia and Poland have pledged the highest aid by share of their gross domestic product (GDP). The Ukraine Support Tracker lists and quantifies military, financial, and humanitarian aid promised by governments to Ukraine between January 24, 2022, and currently through August 3, 2022.

The Ukraine Support Tracker report covers 40 countries, including EU member states, G7 members, and Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, and India. The database is intended to support a fact-based discussion about support for Ukraine.


“We focus on interstate transportation to Ukraine,” the report states. “Due to the lack of reliable data, we do not evaluate private donations or transfers from international organizations such as the Red Cross.”

The report also notes that the flow of new international support for Ukraine dried up in July, and that no major EU country, such as Germany, France, or Italy, has made significant new promises.

“In July, the allied countries almost did not initiate any new aid, but they provided some of the already promised support, such as fire systems,” says Christoph Trebesz, head of the team that makes up Ukraine Support Tracker.

“Germany, for example, has not announced any further military support, but it has sent the military assistance that was announced earlier,” he added.

Previously Forbes has already compiled a rating of the top twenty allies of Ukraine. According to this list, Poland, the United States, Estonia, and Latvia have helped Ukraine the most since the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion.


11 criteria were taken into account to determine the level of support:

  • Voting at the UN General Assembly for the withdrawal of Russian troops; the introduction of sanctions against Russia.
  • Recognition of the genocide against Ukraine.
  • The expulsion of Russian diplomats.
  • Including Russia on the list of hostile countries.
  • Participation in a Ramstein Air Base Meeting.
  • Visits to Ukraine by senior officials from February 24 to May 30.

The maximum number of points was 100. Poland took the first place in the rating, receiving 97 points. The United States took second place with 96 points, and Estonia came in third with 95 points. Latvia, which has given a third of its defense budget to Ukraine, received 94 points.

Canada, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom each received 88 points. Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, France, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Croatia, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, and Romania are also among the top twenty allies of Ukraine.

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