Thanks, at Year’s End, to all our readers, supporters, and all those who made and make a difference. Happy Holidays!

The days and months flash by, years change, and some people depart from the scene, or are forced to leave, while others arrive. Perhaps not to replace them, but to ensure the continuity of life. History impacts on us all, but we also continue to play our part in shaping it.

2022 will be remembered as a very difficult year not only for Ukraine and for all its supporters and allies, but also one in which courage, solidarity, democratic values and truth gained the upper hand over evil, mendacity, autocracy and brute force.

In Ukraine, we are preoccupied by Russia's horrendous war against this country. We are saddened by the immense losses Ukraine has suffered in this and in previous years, as a result of Russia's atavistic, imperialistic, barbarism.


We are reminded everyday by the air sirens and deadly attacks by cowardly Russia from the air of a war not of Ukraine’s choosing but stemming from our neighbor’s traditional despotic and rapacious nature.

Nevertheless, we are heartened by the immense support democratic countries have shown for Ukraine and the growing volumes of aid of all sorts they have provided. That we are not alone is so reassuring and vital to know. The solidarity being displayed from Washington and Ottawa, via, among others, London, Brussels, Bonn, Paris, Madrid, Rome, to Warsaw, Tallin, Riga, Vilnius, Bucharest, Prague, Stockholm and Helsinki, all the way to Tokyo, Canberra and Wellington, is truly inspiring, unprecedented and unforgettable.

Ukraine, a victim of cynical crude Russian imperialism, remains at the center of international attention and hopes. Through the heroism of its people and its determined leadership, it has become an example and source of inspiration for many. Hardly surprising, Ukrainians were among the recipients of this year's Nobel Peace Prize.


As Ukrainians, enjoying this immense international support, strengthen their solidarity and determination to stand firm after more than 310 days of the intensified phase of Russia's war against their country (which in reality began in 2014) let us salute some of our foreign friends who have left us in recent days –symbols of the huge, diverse, backing, Ukraine has.   

The great Brazilian footballer Pele passed away on Dec. 30. A legendary sportsman, he had the awareness and courage to address Moscow's autocrat Putin directly in June of this year and urge him to stop his war against Ukraine. Thank you, magical performer on and off the field, from your Ukrainian fans.

And on the same day that Pele left the playing field of life, another legend – Vivienne Westwood – from the fashion world, left forever the catwalk on which she so brilliantly challenged norms and perceptions. During 2022 she proved herself a real friend, acknowledging the realities of what was happening, speaking out, and mobilizing support for Ukraine. Thank you, Vivienne, for your empathy and generosity.

But also, a word for those who are still with us, and we hope will remain alongside us in the difficult times still ahead. Thank you countless politicians, officials, financiers, military personnel, foreign volunteer fighters for Ukraine, rock stars, actors, sports people, media and medical people, hosts of Ukrainian refugees, benefactors at all levels. You have made a huge difference – with your generous help we have managed to withstand the Russian onslaught and can look confidently into the future.


After all, we are fighting not only to defend Ukraine, but in the name of freedom, democracy, decency and justice. For everything that you and we hold dear.

Thank you and Happy and decisive New Year to all of us. As John Lennon would have put it: “Let's hope it's a good one, Without any fear.”

Last but not least, Kyiv Post salutes the people of Ukraine, from those heroic fighters in the battle zones, to the refugees scattered around the world, from the newly created widows and orphans to the children awaiting the return of schooling in peaceful conditions, to the ordinary folk anxious for peaceful and busy skies above them, normal flows of electricity and water, and for victory to be secured.

And of course – thank you our readers and friends. Kyiv Post itself had to face a very challenging year of self-renewal and will be proud to remain your preferred source of reliable and timely information and analysis about Ukraine in 2023, and its veritable global voice in these demanding times.

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