Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has chosen Kyiv Post to be the first English language news provider in Ukraine to receive the coveted Space X Starlink satellite system to help ensure that its vital award-winning journalism continues to be delivered uninterrupted to readers across the world throughout the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has mass-produced 2,400 small satellites in low Earth orbit which communicate with designated ground transceivers, providing internet access to over 400,000 subscribers globally.

Receiving a Starlink marks the Ukrainian government’s acknowledgement of the significant contribution that the Kyiv Post is making not only during the war – by keeping organizations, officials, and members of the public up-to-date on breaking news and and exclusive insights – but also for its high standard of journalism and role in fighting Russian propaganda.


Kyiv Post CEO Luc Chénier says:

“We are incredibly thankful and honored to be chosen as the first and only English language media to be awarded a SpaceX StarLink satellite which speaks volumes on the trust, quality, and responsibility of our incredibly consistent and talented team at Kyiv Post in the face of this barbaric attack by Russia on Ukraine’s independence, freedom and democratic values.”

‘Ukraine’s Global Voice’

Kyiv Post’s Chief Editor Bohdan Nahaylo notes that Kyiv Post’s readership outside of Ukraine stands at 80% global reach across Europe, North America, India, and is also translated into Arabic and Ukrainian.

Photo by Maks Pilipenko, Kyiv Post.

Now more important than ever, Kyiv Post’s mission is to deliver quality news directly from the ground in Ukraine to the global diaspora and to Ukrainians forced to flee their home country.

Since the outbreak of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, 2022, Starlink has proven itself to be a vital tool for Ukrainian organizations and civilians, but also for Ukrainian troops fighting on the front lines.


Politico reported that Starlinks are greatly appreciated by soldiers on the ground, using a case study of one particular Ukrainian soldier to highlight the system’s effectiveness:

“When planning a counterattack or artillery barrage, he dials up his superiors for last-minute orders via a rectangular white-and-gray Starlink satellite receiver concealed in a shallow pit in the garden of an abandoned cottage. The high-tech equipment is wired to a noisy generator that runs half of the day.

“It’s not just about military communications. Others in Ukraine’s 93rd mechanized brigade let friends and family know they are safe through daily encrypted satellite messages after the local cellphone network was severed weeks ago during heavy shelling.”

Even Ukrainian drones have relied on Starlink to drop bombs on Russian forward positions. People in besieged cities near the Russian border have stayed in touch with loved ones via the encrypted satellites, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy regularly updates his millions of social media followers thanks to the use of Elon Musk’s network, as well as holding Zoom calls with global politicians from U.S. President Joe Biden to French leader Emmanuel Macron.

Deputy Prime Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov speaks at the opening of the 3rd Diia Summit event in Kyiv on February 8, 2022. (Photo by Gennadii Minchenko / Ukrinform / AFP)

In June the Kyiv Posts’ Chief Editor interviewed Vice Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Ukraine’s modernization through digital transformation – Mykhailo Fedorov and asked him about how Starlink appeared in Ukraine after Russia launched its all-out war on the country on February 24 2022. The video and transcript of their discussion can be viewed here.

Since then, in awarding Starlink to Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s dynamic minister for digital transformation Mykhailo Fedorov explained:

“It’s crucially important to keep talking about Ukraine; share the truth and break Russian narratives in media environment. Kyiv Post is the oldest and the one of the most credible English-language media outlets based here, in Ukraine. We know that you are the trustful source for international stakeholders, expats, and everyone who is looking for information about Ukraine in English. Starlink serves as new critical infrastructure since the start of full-scale war; it helps Ukraine stay connected no matter what. We hope the Starlink tech will also serve the voices of Ukraine to be heard worldwide. Truth & modern tech will win over the dark Russian propaganda.”

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