Ukraine is one of the largest European names when it comes to technology. They are known for their innovative inventions that have helped them progress greatly over the years.

Given the recent conflicts that they have gone through, they continue to produce some of the brilliant tech that they could possibly offer. Many of us do not know but much of the technology that we use originates in Ukraine where they were created initially. You can read about these inventions on the internet, to do that you just need a reliable internet connection such as Xfinity wifi so that you can read up without interruptions. Here are some examples of technology that have a Ukrainian origin.

The creation of Snapchat Filters

Back in the year 2015, Snapchat decided on purchasing Looksery, which had made an app that was able to add cool effects on people as they were in a video chat, that too in real-time. These filters allowed people to lose or gain weight, change their eye color or even change their skin tone and much more related to their faces. They also helped Snapchat to make masks that are only exclusive to people who have an iPhone.


Applications Exclusively for People Who are Deaf

Ukraine created a very useful company called BeWarned, which allows deaf people to be more included in society. Through an app called SL Interpreter, anyone who is deaf can ask someone who works as a language interpreter through a video call to call emergency services for them such as an ambulance, the fire brigade, or the police. BeWarned also created another application called ConnectPRO, which is able to change text messages into voice and vice versa. Mobile shops, banks, and restaurants can also communicate with the deaf effectively.

Uber service but for Yachts

Three Ukrainian people have created the company called CharterClick, which is an online service that allows people to book yachts and not just empty yachts but the ones that come with a full crew as well. The application was launched in the United Arab Emirates (the UAE) where all sorts of technology businesses are already supported. Though the application takes its roots in the UAE, it is now functioning in more than forty countries including Spain, Italy, Croatia, and the Caribbean. The idea is very much out of the box and could definitely be seen as something that has not been introduced before.


Hazardous Waste Management

Given the current environmental condition of the world, the world is in dire need of a proper waste management system, which includes the management of hazardous waste as well. Ukraine’s INECO institute has come up with creative ways to treat biohazardous waste, pesticides, and petrol waste using a technology called gasification which treats these kinds of waste quickly and effectively. The process is also very cheap to carry out. The gas that is produced may also be used to produce heat.

A hybrid tech between a laptop and a tablet

Ukraine has developed a product called Eve V, which functions both as a laptop and as a tablet. The best part is that its keyboard also works when it is detached from the screen. The device has a fingerprint reader and is much more than the competitor, Microsoft Surface. Microsoft now acts as Eve V’s partner and they have partnered up with Intel for their chips.


3D Metal Printing

Ukraine has also come up with 3D printing but the catch is that it works for metal products. You use metallic wires as raw material and you shape them into whatever shape you like. In this process, much less amount of metal is wasted. The process also gives you the liberty of heat control, something which was not available in processes before this.

Virtual Banks without the need for branches

Ukraine came up with a bank service called the Monobank, which is its first virtual bank. People are given the liberty to carry out transactions from the comfort of their smartphone or any other device that supports it. It saves you the hassle of traveling to the bank and making transactions. In this way, the company helps save a lot of money by reducing the need for staff and facilities and by allowing users to pay their bills and recharge their phone balance free of cost and without having to make traveling costs.

Proofreading Software

You must have heard of Grammarly and you would definitely have used it as well. Grammarly is one of the essentials used by students, researchers, freelancers, and content writers. But did you know that Grammarly is also a Ukrainian company? Grammarly makes use of Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short) and it automatically proofreads your text on platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can even install the extension on your Outlook and Word to make sure all your work and official emails are free from grammatical errors and are concise. To download Grammarly, you need an active internet connection and for that, we’d suggest getting internet from Xfinity. For further details on Xfinity’s wifi, feel free to reach out to Xfinity customer service.


Wrapping Up

Technology that originates in Ukraine has made life a lot easier for us and the worst part is that we don’t even acknowledge it. Ukraine has made a lot of efforts for the tech industry and it is without a doubt that Ukraine will remain to be one of the biggest names in the tech industry.

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