All our defenders!

Today is a truly historic day – Ukraine has felt the support of four powerful European states at once. And in particular support for our movement to the European Union. Italy, Romania, France and Germany are with us. All four leaders – Mr. Draghi, Mr. Iohannis, Mr. Macron and Mr. Scholz – support Ukraine’s candidacy.

Of course, all relevant procedures must be followed, and all EU member states must join. But at our meeting today a big step was made – a step forward. It was important for me to hear from the leaders another fundamental thing – they agree that the end of the war and peace for Ukraine must be exactly as Ukraine sees them. As our people see them.

I am grateful to Italy for its principled political support, macro-financial and defense assistance. Historically we now have the best relations – and I am sure we can do a lot more for our nations.


I am grateful to Romania for the defense assistance and assistance in the transit of our goods, including grain. We agreed to increase export capacity through the territory of Romania.

France will provide additional Caesar artillery systems. This is very important for our defense. Also today, President Macron openly said that the European support for Ukraine should really demonstrate that we defend the same values, defend Europe together.

Germany has confirmed the provision of air defense systems for our country and further support.

By the way, when four leaders arrived in Kyiv today, it coincided with the beginning of the air raid siren. Russia has created a background for everyone to hear these sirens to create a tense atmosphere. But no one was scared, and it only inspired us to be as specific as possible and to negotiate for our interests – for all Ukrainians and for all in Europe.

Today I personally thanked Chancellor Scholz for inviting me to the G7 meeting. In general, my impression of the meeting is positive. All leaders understand why negotiations to end the war are not under way. Exclusively because of Russia’s position, which is only trying to intimidate everyone in Europe and continue the destruction of our state. They do not want to look for a way to peace. This is an aggressor who must decide for himself that the war must end.


We will continue to fight until we guarantee our state full security and territorial integrity.

We talked today about the preparation of a new sanctions package against Russia. We talked about overcoming the food crisis provoked by Russia. The resumption of exports of Ukrainian agricultural products is vital for dozens of countries. And there is only one reason why the food crisis has become possible at all: Russia is to blame, and no one else. All leaders already recognize this.

We talked about the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war – we have very specific views of partners on this.
I believe that it is not a coincidence that the situation with gas in Europe has worsened today – the price has jumped again. Russia has done this on purpose, restricting supplies to harm Europe, to strike at Europeans.

Gazprom is simply pulling on the gas chain in which they have been trying to shackle Europe for a long time. And this is another argument in favor of the fact that Europe must now switch to life without Russian gas. There should be no such dependence.


Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there will also be a lot of news for Ukraine, and I believe that they will be positive. I really believe that. I would like to emphasize once again that all this is possible first of all thanks to our heroes, thanks to each and everyone who protects us from Russian troops.

Today, the Ukrainian army is fighting in the conditions of a significant quantitative advantage of the enemy – in technology, in artillery systems. Fighting in such conditions is a daily feat. We do everything to give our heroes modern and powerful weapons. And I am proud of all those who have been repelling the occupier and all the attacks for 113 days of the full-scale war already.

It is thanks to the bravery of Ukrainian men and women that Europe can create this new history of freedom and finally remove the “gray” zone between the EU and Russia in Eastern Europe. Ukraine has come closest to the European Union since independence.

Eternal glory to all who are fighting for Ukraine!
Eternal memory to all whose lives were taken by these occupiers!
Glory to Ukraine! 



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