Vitaliy Kim, head of the Mykolaiv (South Ukraine) military administration, reported today, July 15, about the Russian attack on two universities in Mykolaiv. According to Kim, two people were wounded. Rescue operation at the locations are continuing.

“Today, Russia the terrorist attacked the two biggest universities in Mykolaiv. With at least 10 missiles. Now, they’re attacking our education. I’m asking the universities of all democratic countries to claim Russia what it is- the Terrorist,” he wrote on Twitter.

Kim also confirmed on Telegram that there are already two wounded people. Rescuers and emergency teams are already on the ground.

“The Russians hit Mykolaiv at around 7:50 in the morning, knowing well that many people were on the streets at this time. Real terrorists,” he wrote.


Speaking on July 2 he said the threat of a second offensive by Russian troops on Mykolaiv should not be dismissed.

However, according to him, after the Russians received a strong response from Ukrainian defenders they have no particular desire to storm Mykolaiv again.

Russian troops have repeatedly tried to capture the city since the start of the full-scale invasion. In March, Ukrainian defenders managed to defend the city, and Russian forces were driven back. However, Mykolaiv Region is regularly shelled by Russian troops.

Mykolaiv is a city in the south of Ukraine, and the oldest Ukrainian city to be mentioned in written sources.

On March 24, 2022, by an order issued by President Volodymyr Zelensky, the city received the “Hero City of Ukraine” award for the heroism of local people on a mass scale during armed aggression perpetrated by the Russian Federation.

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