British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out a new four-point-plan to ensure that Russia does not secure victory in Ukraine.

“While Putin ponders his delusions, Britain and our allies must take four vital steps to recruit time to Ukraine’s cause,” Johnson wrote in the British newspaper The Times on Sunday, 19 June, before explaining the steps needed to support the embattled nation:

  1. Military Support

“We must ensure that Ukraine receives weapons, equipment, ammunition and training more rapidly than the invader, and build up its capacity to use our help. Before this onslaught, British instructors trained more than 22,000 Ukrainian troops, an achievement that happened over seven years. Now we need to move faster, training that sort of number in months. So the UK plans to work with our friends to prepare Ukrainian forces to defend their country, with the potential to train up to 10,000 soldiers every 120 days.”

  1. State Stability

 “We must help preserve the viability of the Ukrainian state. President Zelensky’s government has to pay wages, run schools, deliver aid and begin reconstruction wherever possible. That will require constant funding and technical help, which we should plan to sustain for years to come.

“The EU has a vital role and I applaud the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Romania for visiting Kyiv on Thursday [June 23].”

  1. Economic Stability

“Russia has imposed a stranglehold on Ukraine’s economy by blockading its principal export routes across the Black Sea. We need a long-term effort to develop the alternative overland routes that already exist and ensure that Ukraine’s economy continues to function.

“Most gravely of all, the Russian blockade of Odesa and other Ukrainian ports is preventing the export of desperately needed food for the poorest people. As I write, some 25 million tonnes of corn and wheat — the entire annual consumption of all the least developed countries — is piled up in silos across Ukraine, held hostage by Russia.”

  1. Trade and Food Exports

“We need to get that food out. The UK supports the efforts of the UN to negotiate a safe corridor for exports by sea. Ukraine’s ports are vital to global food supplies and we will keep supplying the weapons needed to protect them.”

Summing up his proposed priorities to support Ukraine against the Russian invaders moving forward, Boris Johnson added:

“None of these steps will yield immediate results, though the need to restore food exports could scarcely be more pressing. All will require a determined effort by the UK and our allies, lasting for months and years.

“And all serve one objective. We must strengthen the hand of our Ukrainian friends to finish this war on the terms that President Zelensky has laid out. That should be the definition of success. The Ukrainian people have been clear they will not be forced into accepting less than that.

“In so doing, we and our allies will be protecting our own security as much as Ukraine’s and safeguarding the world from the lethal dreams of Putin and those who might seek to copy them.”



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