Hollywood actor Sean Penn has visited Ukraine for the second time, meeting with President Zelensky and continuing to film his documentary exposing Russian war crimes.

The Oscar-winning actor and producer returned to Kyiv on Monday, June 27, and thanked in person by Zelensky for his support of Ukraine.

Penn also visited Bucha and Irpin to talk to residents who survived the Russian occupation, and observed evidence of the atrocities committed by the Russian army.

Whilst Russian equipment has already been removed from the streets, rescuers continue to find mass graves containing tortured and killed people.

Sean Penn leaving Ukraine walked miles to Polish border – February 28 (Source: Twitter Sean Penn)

Penn previously visited Kyiv in November 2021, meeting the Ukrainian president for the first time, and in February 2022, upon the onset of Russian invasion, was forced to abandon his car on the highway and walk the last few kilometers to Poland on foot.


The actor was one of the first world stars to speak out against the genocide of the Ukrainian people and the war in Ukraine. Other famous figures who have visited Kyiv include Angelina Jolie and Ben Stiller.

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