For over 5 million Ukrainian refugees located in Europe, things may be about to become a little easier.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation was founded in 2019, with the goal of making “the state available from a smartphone,” Minister Mikhaylo Fedorov said at the time.

In an announcement on Tuesday, July 19, the Ministry said that although around 70 European mobile operators were already offering Ukrainians free roaming, there were plans to build on this further.

The Ministry said via its Telegram Channel that “The joint statement of the mobile operators of Ukraine and the European Union is being extended. Ukrainians who are forced to leave for EU countries will be able to continue calling their relatives at the prices of Ukrainian operators.” The initiative, which is being backed by the largest mobile carriers in Ukraine, has been crucial for many migrants.


The statement continued with the welcomed news that the “preliminary agreements were for three months. And from July, Ukrainians would have to switch to European tariffs. However, the European Commission called on EU operators to extend support for Ukrainians.”

The European Union has extensive legislation about mobile tariffs when travelling between Member countries. However, Ukraine, a non-EU member, does not benefit from these agreements.

The Ministry has led some of the most well-known e-reforms in Ukraine, including the creation of “Diya,” a means for citizens to maintain all of their vital documents on an app. The app, which allows users to store their drivers licences, birth certificates, car registration, insurance, and others in one place, has been considered as a strong positive by many of the app’s users.

The Ministry has previously set the ambitious 2024 goal of getting high speed internet to 95% of citizens, and for 100% of public services to be available online.

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