If a referendum were held today on whether to join the European Union (EU), how would Ukrainians vote?

According to a new telephone poll by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), conducted between July 6-20 and achieving 2,000 responses, only 4% of Ukrainians are opposed to joining the EU, while 81% say they are ready to join. The remaining 15% are unsure how they would cast their vote if elections were held tomorrow.

Since the launch of Russia’s full-scale invasion in February, Ukrainian political leaders, including President Zelensky, have requested that Ukraine be given “immediate” NATO membership. Almost three quarters of respondents (71%) say they would support Ukraine’s ascension to the defense pact, while 22% are not sure and 7% are opposed.


In a poll conducted just over a year ago, support for joining NATO and the EU was just over 50%, as most citizens still doubted what kind of future would be most fruitful.

Every region of the country now has a majority who support becoming members of the two international organizations.

Despite having a clear majority who wish to see Ukraine’s future in the EU, 62% are of the view that this should not come at the cost of Ukraine blanketly supporting all EU regulations, and 62% being prepared to wait longer to join the EU rather than simply acquiescing to all of Brussels’ demands.

However, almost a third (31%) are of the opposite view – asserting that progress should be made now rather than debating EU regulations for too long.

Importantly, those who say they would go vote on referendums on these key issues if given the opportunity, the vast majority (91%) of likely voters say they would want to join NATO and 96% to join the EU.

Interestingly, the study found that the majority of ethnic Russian citizens now support joining NATO (51%), and of joining the EU (53%).

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