Britain’s Minister of State for Europe, Graham Stewart, has said in an interview with Delfi that Great Britain had allocated more than £2.3 billion of military aid to Ukraine. He also underlined that allies had to ensure sustainable funding for Ukraine as the Russian invasion has badly damaged the Ukrainian economy.

“The UK has allocated more than £2.3 billion in military aid to Ukraine… One of the big challenges going forward is to ensure that the Ukrainian military gets what they need and to ensure sustainable funding for Ukraine, as it is clear that the invasion is eroding the influence of its economy and GDP,” Stewart said.

The promised money from “all Western allies, led by the United States” should not just remain promises, but be transferred “to the hands of the Ukrainian government so that it can fulfill its function, support Ukraine’s economy and wage war.”


Graham Stewart believes that democratic countries had previously  demonstrated their moral authority insufficiently, and their response to the violation of the territorial integrity of Georgia and Ukraine in 2008 and 2014 was also insufficient. Therefore, it is now necessary to show Russia that “aggression will never go unpunished,” and the Russian Federation cannot rely on achieving its goals.

“We in the Baltic States and the United Kingdom are absolutely sure that there is only one possible outcome of this conflict – the victory of Ukraine. Russia must be defeated, and the rule of law must be preserved. And we must do everything possible so that free democratic peoples are not oppressed and attacked by aggressive neighbors,” Stewart added.

He also spoke of the need to prevent “creeping normalization” of relations with the aggressor and emphasized the importance of “full solidarity” between allies, particularly Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

“The reckless nuclear threats of the Putin regime speak for themselves. They reflect the nature of this regime and the disinformation they are spreading worldwide, suggesting that democratic Ukraine is some kind of Nazi state when indeed, it is the behavior of Russians that most closely resembles the behavior of Nazism during World War II,” Graham Stewart said, commenting on  nuclear threats voiced by Russia.

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