President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has called on journalists, politicians and all Ukrainians to talk more about Ukraine in the world so that it remains in the top of global attention.

The Head of State announced a new series of his appeals and communication with the political and expert communities of the world in order to guarantee Ukraine the support it needs.

“This is a constant process – the preservation of attention, and it cannot be stopped for a moment. And this applies to everyone. Every modern person knows well how the media works. It is very difficult to keep attention on one topic for a long time,” Zelensky said in a video message on Tuesday night, June 7.

He stressed that in order not to reduce attention to Ukraine and its struggle for freedom, Ukrainians should continue to talk about what is happening in the country.


“Please spread the information. Support our needs. Naturally, first of all, this concerns journalists. And today I want to wish them not to focus only on the internal Ukrainian context. The more you talk about Ukraine, the sooner we will be able to end the war and liberate our land,” he said.

“Naturally, this also applies to all representatives of the state and Ukrainian politics. Work for our defense. In unity and at full strength. But do not forget that business, culture and ordinary people can also do a lot to ensure that Ukraine remains in the top of global attention,” the president added.

As an example, he used the postage stamps presented to him, made in Spain in support of Ukraine.

“It would seem that what can a postage stamp change? But it is a symbol of attention to our struggle, which millions of people will see. To create and inspire the creation of such symbols, to talk about Ukraine and encourage such conversations is what will help us in negotiations with representatives of different states about concrete and important assistance that Ukraine needs so much today,” Zelensky summed up.

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