Russia continues to violate the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War by severely torturing Ukrainian POWs.

This was announced by the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova on Telegram, according to Ukrinform,

“During a monitoring visit to the health facility where the Ukrainian servicemen are being held, they reported torture and ill-treatment on the part of the occupiers,” Denisova said.

According to her, most of the Ukrainian servicemen were taken prisoner by the occupiers near Mariupol.

“Initially, they were kept in basements and outbuildings. Then they were transferred to the guardhouse, the pre-trial detention center in Donetsk and the 20120 correctional colony, located in the temporarily occupied territory. Later, our servicemen were transferred to the Taganrog and Voronezh pre-trial detention centers. Ukrainian servicemen were tortured in captivity – threatened with murder, beaten and humiliated,” the Verkhovna Rada spokeswoman said.


She said that torture was used against Ukraine Army officers and soldiers of the Azov Spec-Ops Regiment of the National Guard.

“During interrogations, they would bring Ukrainian POWs to their knees, beat them with rifle butts on the toes and open wounds, use pliers, throw a knot around their necks and strangle them. In addition, they torture them with electric shocks, beat them with truncheons, and kick him. “Ukrainian servicemen reported that the ruscists had injected some unknown substance whose name starts with the letter ‘M,’ after which they fainted and experienced memory loss,” Denisova said.

She added that the occupiers forced Ukrainian soldiers to learn the poem “Forgive us, our dear Russians”, the Russian anthem, history of the Russian coat of arms and flag, or otherwise be subjected to torture.

“Ukrainian female prisoners of war held in the Donetsk-based pre-trial detention center said that there were at least 17-20 of them in the cells designed for two to three inmates. They used a bucket as a toilet bowl. Women were deprived of hygiene products and the opportunity to take a shower. They were subjected to psychological pressure – Ukrainian male POWs were brutally beaten in front of them. The captives were also forced into sexual intercourse,” the ombudswoman said.


She also states that vital medical care was not provided to the wounded Ukrainian servicemen. The medic examined them only before they were transferred to the POW camp in Sevastopol, where ICRC representatives provided assistance.

“Ukrainians weren’t given water – only 1.5 liters for 30-40 people, as well as limited in food – those held in the occupied areas of Donetsk region, had their daily diet consisting of a piece of lard on bread. Sometimes, while offering meat, the ruscists would humiliate people, claiming it’s ‘human,’” the statement said.

It is noted that the Ukrainian servicemen were deprived of the opportunity to contact their families.

“Files with POWs’ personal data for informing their families, provided for by Article 70 of the ICRC’s Central Tracing Agency, which shall be sent out immediately after people’s capture, were filled in only immediately ahead of the swap,” Denisova said.


She stressed that these criminal acts violated POW rights, guaranteed by Articles 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24-27, 29-31, 46, 48, 69-71 of the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

“I appeal to the UN Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights Violations during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine to take into account these violations of Ukrainian citizens’ rights by Russia,” the ombudswoman added.

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