On June 16, the 8th administrative court appeal of Lviv banned the Shariy party. The decision was made at the request of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. It was the second attempt by the ministry to ban his party.

The Shariy party is the 9th pro-Russian party banned in Ukraine by a court decision. The SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) first called for the party be banned in the Kyiv district administrative court a year ago.

Anatoly Shariy – is a Ukrainian journalist, video blogger, and politician. He has been described by Ukrainian and international media as pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian. He is believed to be a hired Russian propagandist who has acted as a fifth-columnist. Shariy has denied this but convinced few by his subsequent actions and statements.


Before the Russian all-out war against Ukraine started in February 2022 Shariy fled to Spain and continued his anti-Ukrainian activities from there.

The “blogger” lives in the sort of luxury that modest journalists could hardly afford. Shariy’s villa on the Catalan coast is reported have cost a million euros. He bought in in August 2019 in the town of Roda de Bara.

Photo of Shariy’s wife and his villa in Spain (Credited from Shariy’s Facebook page) – 2020

On May 5, the SBU reported that the political blogger, suspected of treason, had been detained in Spain.

“Spanish law enforcement agencies detained Sharij on May 4. It was made possible by the close cooperation of the Security Service of Ukraine with the Prosecutor General’s Office, international partners, and due to a special multilevel operation by Ukrainian law enforcement,” the ministry reported.

A decision on Shariy’s extradition is awaited.

Representatives of the Ukrainian community in Barcelona have picketed his home and urged the Spanish authorities to stop what they consider to be his subversive activities against Ukraine.

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