Humor is back in Kyiv! The favorite genre of millions – stand-up comedy, which was forced to move to bomb shelters during the first days of the war – has finally re-surfaced and taken its place in the capital’s pubs.

Ukrainian comedians, as noble warriors on the information front, know better than anyone about the positive effect of laughter on a person’s psychological state, so with the first sounds of the sirens they adapted their presentations and went on the offensive, taking humor to the shelters where Ukrainians sought refuge from alarms and missiles.

Laughter during the war is not just important, but essential! It relieves anxiety, reduces stress, brings emotional relief. Thanks to comedians, because I wanted to cry, now I want to laugh. And jokes about the “second army of the world” and clumsy Kadyrovites have already assumed their place in our consciousness.


Now it’s humor that is also making history, as, for example, the explicit rejoinder to the invading “Russian warship” which assumed cult status all over the world!

Ukrainian stand-up comedian Anton Tymoshenko jokes so coolly about the war in Ukraine in English that he is recommended by other comedians around the world.  He is watched by an international English-speaking audience which not only laughs but makes generous donations to Ukraine’s Armed Forces!

Anton Tymoshenko

Ukrainian comedians have a million stories to share about their experiences during the war to entertain you.

Slava Martyniuk sat in the basement for two hours ago because he confused the cries of cats in heat with sirens. Dmytro Tyutyun gives advice on how to choose products in the supermarket so as not to “betray” the country.

Sergei Lipko tells in a very funny way how he went to enlist in the defense forces at night and got lost, or about, about taking a bath during air sirens. And Nastya Zukhvala mocks “good Russians” as you’ve have never laughed before!

Sviat Zahaikevych

Ukrainian military humor is an area in which psychics, wizards and saints have united for the cause of victory. For its not just good fun, but a social mission.


It’s so good that we have someone not only to cry with, but also to laugh with!

So, find your favorite comedian. There are plenty of shows on all around the city on most nights and especially weekends. Look on the internet for the venues.

If you’re in Kyiv, for example, go to the Barrel Pub (Bochka) on Khreshchatyk 19A, or to the Underground Standup at the Golden Gate for a healthy dose of laughter.

Yes, war is terrible, but if we are gloomy and depressed it will not help us or those around us. Jokes about war are a necessary antidote to the constant news about war! If humor thrives, so does the nation.

Laugh for health! For victory! And Ukraine will always be!

Marichka Palamarchuk – blogger, activist, researcher of Ukrainian culture

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