Back in November 2021, one of Luc Chénier’s first decisions as Kyiv Post’s CEO was to remove our website’s paywall and to make Kyiv Post completely free for the general public, and to our many readers across the world.

At the Kyiv Post we firmly believe in the importance of a free press and the significant role that our journalism plays in countering disinformation and keeping you informed – particularly in this time of war.

Following the decision to remove the paywall, we set out to offer refunds to all existing subscribers.

Promptly, 40% of these subscribers were refunded. However, barriers from international credit card companies, accompanied by red tape and regulations, prevented the remaining subscribers from being refunded.


To remedy this problem, which was out of the Kyiv Post’s control, we decided to offer our subscribers the option to donate their refunds to Lifeline Ukraine.

Headed by an Irish-expat and long-time resident of Kyiv, Paul Niland, Lifeline Ukraine has been widely praised for carrying out vital humanitarian and charity work, particularly during the ongoing brutal Russian invasion that continues to affect the lives of millions of Ukrainians.

According to its official website, “Lifeline Ukraine is a national, professional, suicide prevention and mental health support hotline, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ukraine too often loses veterans to suicide, and this problem needed to be addressed, Lifeline Ukraine was established to provide help for veterans and their family members first and foremost, the hotline now serves all people from Ukraine in any language they chose.”

Acknowledging the vital service this NGO provides, Kyiv Post readers kindly donated a total refund subscription amount of $13,500, with Kyiv Post donating $10,000 before topping this up with an additional $1,500 to bring the total donation amount to $25,000.

A full record of donation amounts, emails, and names of our readers who generously donated towards this great cause was then provided to Paul Niland and Lifeline Ukraine, in order to ensure complete transparency.


“It brings me great pride that the Kyiv Post and its community were able to come together to help support such a great cause in these challenging times and making a true difference for peoples who are suffering from extreme stress and mental challenges,” CEO Chénier stresses.

Kyiv Post’s Chief Editor Bohdan Nahaylo adds: “I’ve known Paul for many years and have full confidence in him and his team and admire the extremely valuable work they do.  I’m pleased we’ve are able to support them.  It’s the Kyiv Post in action in mobilizing the global community to help Ukraine in a very direct way.”

Lifeline Ukraine Founder and Director Paul Niland added that it is due to the amazing work done by the hotline consultants that, from a standing started less than three years ago, the organization has built a reputation as a trusted place where anyone can find help in difficult times. The monies donated by the Kyiv Post and its community will go cover one main and essential thing, paying the wages of those who spend their time helping others.


“When I look at the cost of running Lifeline Ukraine, each individual instance of support that we provide, every time we answer the phone that figure is $25,” Niland added, “this donation provides us with the financial means to help 1,000 people in a moment of emotional crisis. We are grateful to the Kyiv Post and its readers for this support, but in addition to our dedicated team there are at any moment at least 1,000 people who are immensely grateful for the help that your kind donation has facilitated.”

Lifeline Ukraine can be reached by a free call to the number 7333. Details of how anyone can support the charity’s work can be found on their website, at

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