The Ukrainian Ambassador to Washington, Oksana Markarova, has said that the annual US Defense bill will increase American support for Ukraine’s defense by $700 million, topping it off at $1 billion.

Following the passage of the bill by the US House of Representatives, it must go to the Senate for approval, before being signed into law by the President. As the Democratic Party controls the House, Senate, and White House, it is believed that the bill will not face any irregular delays.

The Ambassador noted that the money requires American authorities to investigate Russia’s current, malevolent influence on countries not party to the February 24 invasion of Ukraine. Specifically, the bill calls for efforts to be made to counter Russia’s work in Africa, where Russia is known to have sent mercenaries who may be responsible for crimes, while also monitoring the Kremlin’s attempts to negatively influence the Caribbean and Latin America.


The Ambassador indicated that the monies will be allocated via a line item known as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. A review of the legislation finds that the monies used will be reviewed by Congress bi-annually and that it will be overseen by the American Inspector General.

The bill carries the obligation of quarterly briefings for Congress on the remaining stocks of tactical weapons being delivered to Ukraine by the United States; on how the global famine being triggered by Russia’s illegal seizure and sale of grains from Ukraine is affecting other countries; and updates on crimes against humanity being committed by Russia’s military in Ukraine.

Since the war began, nearly five months ago, the United States has allocated over $5.6 Billion in assistance to Ukraine, according to the US State Department.

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