While many wealthy businesspeople decided to leave Ukraine during these challenging times to the safety of their other homes abroad, Adnan Kivan, publisher of Kyiv Post, and his family decided to remain.

They have stayed on in Odesa and applied themselves devotedly to helping its inhabitants cope with the formidable humanitarian and security challenges facing them.

Mr. Kivan, a Syrian, has lived in Odesa for 42 years. He regards the city as his home and Ukraine as his adopted homeland. He made his fortune there in the construction industry and his company Kadorr has built residential and commercial complexes, hotels, and restaurants, investing in agricultural development, port terminals, elevators, the fitness industry, and the media.

But unlike many other leading tycoons, Mr. Kivan has sought to live up to the principles of corporate responsibility and the tenets of his religious faith, to practice what he preaches.  Before the war, there was plenty of philanthropic work and support for independent media. But the war has led him to step up his patriotic, socially conscious, altruism.

I have witnessed what war has done to my native Syria, and I strongly believe that I must help defend and support democracy, truth, and justice in Ukraine and my home city of Odesa!

, the successful businessman says.

A devout Muslim and defender of freedom, Mr. Kivan told Kyiv Post he believes that it’s his obligation to lead and continue to motivate his team at Kadorr Group by providing humanitarian aid at the ground level.

Whether it means feeding more than 1,000 people each day, delivering medicines to those in need, or providing displaced persons from the Donbas with urgent shelter and clothing – it’s all in a day’s work and something that he feels very passionate about.

And now it’s also about being on the right side of history.

As the owner of the Kyiv Post and Odesa’s Channel 7 TV, he believes with his family and team at Kadorr Group that it is their collective duty to ensure that the truth is made available for the world to see about what is truly happening in Ukraine across several languages – English (Kyiv Post), Russian (Channel 7), and now also in Arabic.

Screenshot of the Arabic version of Kyiv Post

So why the recent addition of the Arabic language to the traditional English language Kyiv Post?

Mr. Kivan is only too well aware of Russia’s shameful record in helping Syria’s despotic regime with the same barbarous means that it is now applying in Ukraine.

But he stresses another important factor that has led him to launch an Arabic spin-off from the Kyiv Post.

Russia has been actively recruiting foreign fighters across the Middle East by spreading false anti-Ukrainian propaganda. The latest statistics have reported that more than 20,000 fighters have already been brought in from across the Middle East and Syria.

To help counter this wave of Russian false information and recruitment of Arab mercenaries, the Kyiv Post has since February of 2022 been delivering the translations of its award-winning English news in Arabic in order to raise awareness in Arabic countries about what is truly happening.

“I feel it is my moral and civil duty to support the causes of truth, freedom, and decency, for they have no borders, and good must be helped to triumph over evil,” Mr. Kivan says. “I start with myself and my family.”


Here is a link to the Arabic version of Kyiv Post:  https://www.kyivpost.com/ar/

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