Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that he saw nothing new in the Slidstvo. Info investigation following the results of the Pandora Papers investigation into offshore companies.

“To be honest, the plot is not very good. I am telling you as a professional. Why? Because, firstly, I saw nothing new. It was like deja vu for me. In 2019, I saw the same movie on the channels of the oligarch Poroshenko [ex- president of Ukraine], who showed it because he understood that there was nothing against me, there was no ‘dirt.’ And even if you watch the debate, it seems to me that even there he shouted it from the stage: Kvartal was getting money from PrivatBank, from Kolomoisky. All this is an old story, I heard it all, saw it all, all these details. I am glad that I did not see a single new detail. This suggests that since 2019, Comrade Petro has not found anything on me, as the president of Ukraine. This pleases a little,” Zelensky said in a comment to the ICTV channel on Oct. 18.


Zelensky said that neither he nor a single member of the Kvartal 95 studio was involved in money laundering.

“I personally built a business in Ukraine from scratch without budgets, without the state. Neither I nor a member of the Kvartal 95 studio has been involved in money laundering in 2012, since 2012, and since 2001, and in 2019. We were engaged exclusively in creative sphere,” he added.

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