The summit marathon continues: after the EU summit in Brussels and the G7 meeting in southern Germany, a meeting of NATO representatives is now expected, which will be held in Madrid from Tuesday to Thursday. The summit is expected to adopt a strategic vision for the coming decade. The European press talks about the flank from which the danger threatens.

Aid to Ukraine: time is running out

In the context of the promises already made to Ukraine, Diena calls for their timely fulfillment:

“It will be important for Latvia and our region to provide additional support to Ukraine, which now needs it more than ever. It is very likely that positive decisions will be made in this regard, but the question remains whether the promises will be kept – and in what timeframe the promised assistance will be provided. First of all, this concerns the countries of the so-called old Europe. The experience known to us demonstrates that it was Germany that was in no hurry to deliver the promised weapons.


What do we have in store for the southern borders?

La Vanguardia hopes that, as the host of the summit, Spain will also bring attention to its own concerns and interests:

“The most important moment will be the discussion and ratification of a new NATO strategic concept for the next decade. … The Spanish government also hopes that the new strategic concept to be developed at the Madrid summit will focus on the alliance’s southern flank and its dangers; namely, the use of migration as a political weapon… If the Spanish government manages to include in the final document provisions for threats to the southern flank – which is very likely – then it will be able to claim that it held a very difficult summit and did it successfully!”

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