Ukraine is followed by Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Uzbekistan in the popularity rating.

The top ten CIS cities among Russians in 2013 were Kyiv, Minsk, Odesa, Chisinau, Almaty, Baku, Lviv, Astana, Yerevan and Tashkent.

The rating was composed based on Russians’ hotel bookings in CIS countries in 2013.

“The number of Russians’ trips to CIS cities booked via the Internet more than doubled in 2013 year-on-year,” head of the ( front office department Olga Favarizova said.

In 2013 Russians travelled to the CIS for three days on average and paid 3,400 rubles a day for the hotel, Favarizova said.

According to the information of, Ukraine accounts for 70% of all trips to the CIS, Belarus for 20%, Kazakhstan for 3%, Moldova for 2% and the remaining CIS countries for 1% or less.


Russian tourists, organizing their trips to Ukraine themselves, went to Ukraine for four days on average and paid about 3,100 rubles a day for the hotel.

According to the information of, in 2013 the longest trips of Russians were to Yerevan and lasted six days and the shortest were to Minsk and lasted two days.

The Kazakh capital turned out to be the most expensive city in terms of hotel expenses and the cheapest is the Moldovan capital – Russians paid on average 6,300 rubles per day in Astana and 2,700 rubles in Chisinau.

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