“It (the “Donbas” battalion) will specialize in intelligence, counter-sabotage and assault operations, as well as will defend the state borders from sabotage and terrorist groups,” the battalion said in a press release.

“Donbas” is expected to become an experimental battalion with minimal recruitment requirements due to the rapid pace of its formation.

A program has already been developed that will help train the battalion’s soldiers rapidly and effectively, with a focus on the specifics of their tasks.

The main criteria for selecting candidates to serve in this battalion include their patriotism, readiness to fight and, if necessary, “die for their Motherland”, a document confirming that such people are physically and mentally fit for military service, and their age between 18 and 55 years old.


The mobilization campaign has been stepped up in order to be able to recruit as many volunteers to the battalion as possible.

The battalion has already been conveniently split into three groups, which will subsequently join different security services of Ukraine.

“The first group will become part of the National Guard, which reports to the Interior Ministry, the second one will join the 24th territorial defense battalion, which reports to the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, and the third group, which will remain “a volunteer militia unit”, will help defend four districts of Western Donbas – Dobropillia, Velyka Novosilka, Krasnoarmiysk and Oleksandrivsk,” according to the press release.

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