According to Director of Development Party of Ukraine, Serhiy Larin, candidates list of the Opposition Bloc for upcoming elections will be formed in the nearest future. However, he failed to say who would lead it.

One of the leaders of the Development Party of Ukraine, MP Yuriy Miroshnychenko, said that the Development party would become the basis of Opposition Bloc. However, he didn’t name which political party had been renamed and turned into Opposition Bloc.

“There are legal procedures and political ones. As for political procedures, this is a union of a couple of political parties. As for bureaucratic procedures, it’s the same one that was used by, let’s say, the Poroshenko Bloc or other political parties that team up a couple of political parties to enter parliament together,” Miroshnychenko told journalists.


According to him, the party’s candidate list for the upcoming parliamentary election is to be announced shortly.

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