Job description

Kyiv Post is looking for an experienced News Reporter who can work with other members of the team to find and produce news stories on a daily and weekly basis.


A minimum of 2+ years’ experience working as a reporter in a medium or large organization preferred.  

College degree in communications/journalism or related field preferred.

Knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian preferred


Strong English writing skills and thorough knowledge of current events.

Ability to look beyond the headlines and find new and unique angles on the big stories of the day.

Ability to add depth and analysis to create stories that inform and educate.

Ability to work in a fast-paced newsroom, deliver to deadlines and adapt to the constantly changing demands of the news cycle.

Duties & Responsibilities

Identify newsworthy events and developments in Kyiv and across Ukraine.

Collect, verify and analyze thoroughly newsworthy information.

Compile into engaging stories aimed at readers outside of Ukraine.

Attend and report on events that are of interest to the public.

Interview eye-witnesses, authorities, and people of interest.

Cultivate contacts

Overview of the company

The Kyiv Post Newspaper, Ukraine’s English language newspaper since 1995.

It is commercially and editorially an independent newspaper. It serves Ukrainian and international readers with a general interest mix of political, business, and entertainment coverage.

The staff has produced hundreds of exclusive stories, videos, photo galleries, and other materials.

Today the Kyiv Post online readership has reached 3.4 million readers per month, more than 75% of them live abroad, led by the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Germany and Belgium.

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